Sunday, December 28, 2008

21th Dec 2008

Minex Jewellery Finder's Keepers treasure hunt
21st December riddle: -
Climb through a window and eat an apple. Where else better to enjoy this? Find your Lucky 7 and i’ll be there
I didn’t get to browse internet and called my bf while he was searching because today was 冬至 Winter Solstice Festival. I had to go to my old house and pai pai. He informed me that he wanted to searched at Apple’s computer dealer shops. The first station he went was Petanak. Nothing found.

I suggested maybe was Green Heights Mall Coldstorage. Therefore, once after he searched at the computer shops, he went over to Coldstorage and looked for it. He was searching around Coldstorage in Green Heights M
all and he saw something seems connected to the riddle.
At the mist of searching, he meet another group of people searching there too!It was Ian and his friends. So my bf and Ian search over the beverage side and Ian's friend (female) search over the sanitary side. (If my bf search over the sanitary side, he'll be listed as PERVERT in kuching!!haha)
Weather seems to be ok. After I pai pai, I joined him at Coldstorage. Looking around in aircon was nicer than outdoor le. Hehe.

After searching for nothing, we decided to have lunch at Green Heights coffeeshop. Once our stomachs were filled with kolomee, we shifted our location to One TJ. Searching up and down, bending up and down, but can’t even see the shadow of the box.

We gave up and went home. Sob sob…Wu wu wu.

The treasure was found at Wisma Saberkas, level 7 car park. [ never thought of that :( ]

Story boarding: Egg
Comic artist: Yolk