Sunday, January 31, 2010

Why I Like It Longer

I like it longer. I want it longer. I need it longer!!! Why? Because I’m short..ahem..

What are you thinking? I’m saying that I’m getting thinner where my waist measurement is getting short!!

We are greedy. We never satisfy with what we have. For me, it is a good attitude in terms of improvement. We always strive for better living. Longer is what we always been looking for.

Personally I like many things to be longer.

I always love Sunday. I guess all normal working adults would love it too. Why?? Because we can sleep LONGER!

With longer sleeping time we’ll gain just the right amount of energy and rest for our busy working days. Further more, we’ll be able to concentrate better and be more productive in our job. Don’t you all agree?

Lame excuse from a lazy person -_-“

For those who’ve seen Egg in person, they should know that Egg is pretty tiny in terms of size (actually is short la XD). So I’ll just have to bend down to hug her or to kiss her >_<
But what will happen when I’m already an old man?

I always hope that Egg will have longer legs and so we can always enjoy our intimate session even when I’m old. That’s why I like it longer.

I’ve been complaining that my phone for it’s short battery life. It won’t even last for 5 minutes when I called Egg. So we could only chat when I have my charger with me.

The screen of my phone is just too short and I can hardly read Egg’s SMS especially a lengthy one.

Right at this moment of dispair, LG launched it's latest phone, LG Chocolate BL40 which is just what I need! A longer phone with longer screen and longer battery life! It's just perfect!

the right size

the right length

the right features

LG is LonGer!

How can I miss out an animation in my blog post? Here's a flash I made just for the fun of it :D

*this is written for the purpose of joining nuffnang-LG "why I like it longer" blogging contest

By: Egg & Yolk


  1. hahahaha~this is funny~
    wish u can win the long LG hp~

  2. I want all my legs to be longer >.< ~
    Ur animation is frickin funny:D Are the laughing voice urs?

  3. candlelyn ~ haha! thanks!! Actually all the stories are true except the animation la..haha

    Kelvin ~ Egg has the same wish too >.<!! Actually I tried to use my own voice but it's not "evil" enough. So I look for free sound effect online :P

  4. i think you're gonna win!
    i act wanna join as well but its gotta be a good entry and i have nth in my mind..

    anyway,good luck yoggy!

  5. hehehe~

    seems that I can't win this~


    Good luck!

    BTW, thanks for drop your link in my small tunnel~


  6. yay! sure u win again!

    really creative n entertaining. it feels like i have my old comic book like doraemon n dik cerdas back again on the web. i like the n the point u mention the LG, screen and the battery r brilliant. yr post super engaging seriously! haha!

  7. LOL! damn funny! i like this!
    hope u win the phone.. :)

  8. lord zara ~ thanks!! let's share links :D

    nikel ~ :D

    anonymous ~ hello! thanks for your complimentS! We really appreaciate it!

    isabellmiao ~ we hope so too :P

  9. Nice ads you had written! Originally thinking of writing one for Nuffnang, but after seeing this I had conceded defeat... ~sigh~

  10. Love ur entry! Love the Flash Macromedia too. Where can I learn to do one?

  11. usual..good luck eggyolks...

  12. wahlao yours even nicer.. mine lose to yours ady T_T haha

  13. i'm a competitor but... i have a feeling u're gonna win... and if u do, u deserve it man... =)

  14. Wow! Very nice eh! I also kalah gao gao!

    All the best man!

  15. kimberly ~ thanks!

    jam ~ hey..there's still time before the dead line! I hope to see your entry..i love reading others entry..all of them are great!!

    unlisted_one ~ hmm..i learn from the tutorial i search in the internet. You can try by googling it..there's plenty of good tutorial :D

    eyriqazz ~ thanks for dropping by :D

    stephynie ~ let's pray hard to win :D

    Zaid ~ yours is nice too XD

    the geographically ~ thanks! let's win together since there's 3 phones :)

    joshua ~ where got kalah la..good luck to you too :D

  16. OMG!!! All this for LG?? Life's GOOD!!

  17. Lol! Really love this post! Good luck! :D

  18. TEY,

    Great Entry..sure kena sapu again this time..hehehe..all the best to both of you TEY(TheEggYolk)...start booking the ticket to KL..i'll pickup both of you at the airport and we straight go to nuffnang office to collect the prizes...hehehe..gud job guys..

  19. waaa... so creative. good 2D skill also meh. good luck too

  20. Nice article! BTW my other half also a shortie... Hehehe

  21. owh gawd.. i really love ur flash! it's awesomee! and awesome post too! good luck! =)

  22. very long entry...nice post...

    I hope u win!

  23. NICE~!!! i also joining but for fun only. It's really cool to know how to do animation! =)

  24. battery life of the LG choc long? hahahaha. good one. read up, it dies after 1 hour of internet surfing on normal settings. sure kah you want to buy or win such a product? great to watch movies and music but as a phone, not as practical. other phones are better but it is surprisingly intuitive even though it is using a win mobile which normally sucks ass.
    honestly sell the phone off when you get it and buy either a Nokia or Samsung with the money. trust me, sooner or later if you win, you would post a blog on why the stupid battery life is so stupid that you wish you could kill people who have the same phone with it.

  25. i wonder how you do the animation! by using photoshop? or any special software? Thanks:D btw, very interesting entry!

  26. Congrats for winning the LG Chocolate :) Great post, congrats!

  27. COngratulations on winning the contest! :-)

  28. congrats bro
    u win the phone
    can we share??


  29. errrk

  30. totally agree that this entry deserve the LG phone. awesome!!

  31. Congratszzzzzz...neyyyyy..another victory..gud entry wins gud prizes. Keep it up TEY..will support TEY

  32. whoaaa..
    great idea..
    even greater effort
    sweet winning

  33. Guys!! Thank you!! We were really surprised when we receive the email. In fact, we were not really that confident as there are too many competitors with really good posts. Anyway, thanks for all your supports! Thank you nuffnang! Thank you LG!

  34. Funny~~ hahaha. Enjoy reading it! Congrats for the winning. :)

  35. hahaha..nice post..enjoy reading wonder u've became a winner..


  36. OMG NICE POST ;D I like the animation! Awesome & Congrats. (:

  37. bahahahahahah! i love the flash!! damn mad funny LOL. congrats...


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