Saturday, January 16, 2010

Future of Education

Every one of us has gone to school, while most of us graduated from college or University. Let us count how many years we have been schooling.

1 year – playschool
2 years – kindergarten
6 years – primary school
5 years – secondary school
2 years – matrix or form 6
4 years – university / college

Total = 20 years!!

Alright, here’s the question, what were you doing over this 20 years? Copying notes? Reading books? Sitting for exams? Doing home work? Sleep in class? (erm..I did the last one the most -_-)

Well, as for me, I believe we have been forced to MEMORIZE over this 20 years.

Look at the students or pupils around us. What are they doing when exams is near? They’ll be trying to memorize as much as then can right before the exam. After the exam, most of the thing will be forgotten. Am I right? (personal experience @_@)

My lecturer in University once told me, students nowadays study as if they are eating all the notes. During exams, they’ll vomit everything out without digesting it into their brain.

This has been a trend for years and I predict that in the future, students will not need to MEMORIZE anymore as applying what they learn is more important than remembering them.

By that time, biotechnology will be the most advance field in the technology. The bio tech engineer will invent a chip set which I name it NDC (Neuron-Data Converter).

With the implantation of this chip into the human brain, we can access our brain’s memory as if we are accessing our computer’s hard drive!

Just a simple plug-in of our USB cable, we can save as much data as we want into our brain. You might ask where to plug the cable. Hmm..I guess the most suitable place would be the place behind our ears. (to stay hidden even for those who are botak – bold)

Hey! Maybe we can have a build-in wireless adapter! Or even WIFI! Haha! My imagination is getting wild!

With the instant transferability of data, memorizing things is as simple as a single click! (especially History -_-")

Hence, in the future, our education system will concentrate in students’ application of knowledge instead of how much they can remember from schools or university.

*this post is written for the purpose of joining "HP blog a trend" blogging contest.

By: Egg & Yolk


  1. Lol, the future of humans is to become partial robots?

  2. Wow man. Beautiful illustrations...and even better point of views. Who knows, this might be true in the years to come??

  3. nice post about future of education. good luck for the prize.

  4. Good luck for the contest =)

    Luckily I only need to take 4 years for secondary school. So total it's 1 year shorter . Hehe.

  5. Wadda, I ain't want no chip in my head man.


    2 years - Kindergarten
    6 years - Primary School
    1 year - Bridge class
    5 years - High School
    4 years - College

    That makes a total of ...18 years OMG!

    Lemme see, lets break it down. In primary school I was active in sports, hence get "rotan" for failing some of the subjects. Uhuk~ In bridge class I got better, In high school I'm top student WTH happened? I sit in front and pay attention XD

  6. LOLness! hehe, good luck in the contest... i totally think that what you mention about eating notes and vomiting them out is right... it's something that my friends and i used to do and was described as so by our Physics teacher... word for word.. hehe... i sooo wouldn't mind if having an NDC especially when it comes to learning medicine for me.. =/ heheh anyway, see you around!

  7. kelvin ~ It might be the key to enhance the normal human performance.

    Himmat ~ yup! who knows :D

    Yawloong ~ thanks

    kristin ~ wow! so you can start to ear your living 1 year earlier XP

    maslight ~ LOL! you must be a genius @_@ my education life was just so ups and down.. -_-"

    esther ~ LOL!maybe your physics teacher was once my lecturer's student :D see you around too!!

  8. hey!! i think this is an amazing amazing post! i'd love to get one of those NDCs once they're really out! i hope they're cheap though :P would be such a great aid to my bad memory!

  9. sorry, can i use ur last picture?... not for making money.. :D just want to put in my school activity poster...TQ :)


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