Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We won the Perodua Alza Facebook contest!

Remember the post we posted about the Perodua Alza Video contest? We won the Grand prize!! It was a LCD and a Home Theatre Set worth RM5,000!We were so lucky and we were very very glad that they've chosen us as the winner! Thank you Perodua Alza!!

Click above to play the movie ^^

We don't really have any confident in this contest because there were too many good entries that week. Somehow we tested our luck with some efforts! Yolk actually spent 16 hours straight doing the flash movie while Egg keep supporting Yolk the whole night through phone calls and SMS. Most of the ideas of the story boarding were from Egg actually.
Finally! The effort pays off! A million of thanks to those who have "like" our post in facebook and those who gave us moral support!!

Sketches before working on the animations (I know it's very messy - yolk)

By the way, we have booked ourselves a Perodua Alza Advance. If everything goes smoothly, we'll be driving it on the road on March 2010! Yeah!

By: Egg & Yolk