Sunday, December 27, 2009 – as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Egg has been longing for a vacation trip for a long time. So far, Yolk has not brought Egg to anywhere internationally so Yolk decide to bring Egg to a very romantic place...

Poor Yolk suffered from 2 big "buns" on the head because of his stupidity -_-"

Life is much easier by flying with! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 and it's as simple as a, b, c! No long queues, No slow internet loading!

Let the Egg Yolks show you the 3 simple steps to fly to your preferred destination.

1st, you need a Phone with Web access.

2nd, make a booking through

Yolk's booking

3rd, Fly with MAS airline! As simple as that!

In fact, there are more functions in this mobile site than you can imagine! We've simplified the whole functions of this mobile site into this little flash below! Just move your cursor to the link and you'll see the descriptions and functions. Enjoy!

This blog post was written for the purpose of joining contest organized by MAS and Nuffnang.

Wonder how to join this contest? Just write a blog post on and then send your permanent link to You might just win yourself the following:

Sydney! Here we come!

Start booking your flights with anywhere, anytime right from your phone!

By: Egg & Yolk


  1. yet another funny great post, gud luck!
    nanged u. Want to know more about the responsibility of a blogger? nang this

  2. haha, laughed out hard when she created buns on ur head^^
    Are u advertising for the flymas?

  3. iyouweblog ~ thanks for the nang!

    Kelvin ~ We're just joining the contest. My (yolk) "buns" still hurts -_-"

  4. Hello! Thanks for testing out my comment section, hahaha. Your caricatures are really cute! :)

  5. creative n entertaining~
    Loved it!

    Truely wish u'll win prize~ ^,^
    Have a nice day!

  6. cool idea! the interactive menu thingy :P

  7. aha, is easy as abc to fly nowdays

    visit me at Nikel Khor

  8. You guys going to Sydney? I envy you guys.. I can't even make it to front door without having some responsibility dumped on my head. I need a vacation with my Buggsy.. *SOB* Anyways, good luck!

  9. wow, yet another creative post... its like ideas are free flowing from you guys.. hehe.. :)

  10. yi ting ~ thanks for coming back :D

    WK ~ thanks for the wish! :P

    bryanlyt ~ actually if time is permitted, we plan to add more interactivity to it. ;(

    Nabil ~ thanks!

    Nikel Khor ~ Yup! nowadays taking airplanes are like taking buses. Simple and easy :)

    Angel ~ If SOMEHOW we were given the free ticket, sure we want to go Sydney :P Dont's worry, You might be busy now, but I guess you'll have alot of annual leave to take for vacation next year :D

    Esther ~ Thanks for the compliment :D Actually we are not really creative but we really put a lot of efforts in each of our blog post :)

  11. nice entry..hope u win!

    visit page sy jgak.hehe

  12. Hola, just came across your blog and I have to say, your posts are fun to read, especially those animated flash ones. funny! :)

  13. hazwan ~ visited you! :D

    Arth Akal ~ thanks! we'll come up with more animated flash thingy for our readers so they won't be bored by plain photos and words XD

  14. LOL your interactive menu reminds me of when i play digimon on ps. XD they sound same wan. ekekek.. btw, good luck! ^^

  15. LOL...good one!! my children like it so much! Good Luck!

  16. Wah,always so creative..I think and wish that I can learn how to use adobe flash like u...Good Luck The Eggyolks..U can be the next Kennysia..

    Great Teacher Onizuka

  17. stephy-nie ~ Really kah?? haha! coincidences i guess :D I had a PS also but long long time ago.

    preciselysuzy ~ We're glad that you children love our animations :)

    Eyriqazz ~ You can always get some tutorial in the internet. We learn from there too :D hmm..kennysia, I think it'll take us forever to become a blogger like him -_-"

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