Wednesday, December 9, 2009

701 Panduan

All of a sudden!


701 Panduan? Have you ever heard of it? 701 Panduan is Malaysia's Premium Online Search Directory site with free tools such as Online Maps, Free Calls and City Guides. It's like a combination of "yellow page" + "google map" + "Tourism Malaysia" + ""! Amazing?!

Here's some snap shot of the site!

Directory Search (searching for Egg =_=")

Malaysia's Map

City Guide (all over Malaysia)

Movies guide

Malaysia Y.E.S guides

You might ask, "Why are you blogging about this site all of a sudden?" then I would say "I just want to share this site with all my readers!". smells kind of fishy isn't it? haha! Well, here's the real intention of doing this blog post!

701 Panduan "Are You 701 Enough" Blog contest

Basically, all you have to do is to capture a Photo or Design an Image of the number “701” in the most creative way. Then post it in your blog post! For more information, please visit here

Here's my entry!

Yolk posing as number "7", Egg posing as number "1"
while the giant red button represents "0"

Hurry! Contest ends on the 20th Dec 2009

701Panduan is Malaysia Online Directory

By: Egg & Yolk