Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Dilemma

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Hey! It’s Christmas season everywhere in Malaysia! When we thought of Christmas, what are the things that come to our mind?? Well, as for me, it’s Present!!

It does trouble me whenever I thought of the present. I was thinking what should I give to Egg this year? Last year because of Minex, I save a lot on Christmas present! Haha! This year I do hope that there’s more contest or event coming up.

However, I still need to buy something for her.. erm.. Any suggestions?

Diamond ring? Erm..She don't really wear rings when she's working.. (lame excuse -_-")

How about a handphone? Really wish that I can get her a new phone since she keep complain that the battery wont last more than half a day. But the model she like cost me a month salary -_-"

Or a personally made pasta meal with extra cheese! Egg's favourite! (what a cheapskate >.<)
Well, that’s basically what I can think of. Mind exchanging idea with me? :D

By the way, I've received the invitation email from Nuffnang for the Mr Potato Fiesta 2009 event! Hopefully Nuffnang and Mr Potato will be our Santa Claus this year! (finger crossed)

Santa Nuffnang! and Mr Potato Claus

By: Yolk


  1. Making something yourself doesn't make you a cheapskate, okay? It's something from your heart. Yeah, I sound like a romantic, but I believe that if you put your on effort into a gift, it's something special. :D

    Like home cooked meals.

    So you can't afford a phone... I say, improvise. You have creative ideas for graphics and art, time to use that for your gift, no?

    I know this is sort of vague advice, but you'll know what to give her since you know her well. Just need a little bit of thinking. :D

  2. Joyce ~ thank you for you precious comment!! After reading your comment, it was like a "ring" in my head and I think I know what to do for Egg this Christmas :D

  3. so sweet that you're already thinking of what to get for ure significant other =)

  4. good luck for the mister potato contest ;)
    handmade or homecook are always the best ^_^

  5. this is the hardest... go padini and buy those 70% discount one HAHAH! or FOS..

  6. niabellagamba ~ have to start early or else I'll end up buying nothing =_=

    areleling ~ thanks! I love cooking but they never taste good :(

    TV ~ I did thought of that oo..haha! But if she found out I bought her the 70% off dress sure I'll kena "bomb!" LOL!!

  7. you could always get a book for her if she reads and include a handmade bookmark with it. :) i do that a lot for my friends. other than that, you could also make wallet cards so then, she could keep it in her purse and whenever she opens it, she'll see and be reminded of you! :) find out what she likes and let ideas grow from there... there's something that everyone would like. well, hope all works well for you.

  8. blakepaghe ~ Happy Christmas and Happy Holiday to you too!

    Esther ~ wow! a very thoughtful comment you have here :) Your friends are really lucky to have known you! Thanks for the advice ;P

  9. Become a santa and spread the joy of christmas this year.. Something different... make the kids happy.. oh, and homecook is always the best...

  10. Cook a full course meal! With wine! :D

  11. very nice. doubt i'd b able to create stuff like that. hehe. rock on!

    BeN'Z ver 6.09

  12. ian ~ hehe! Homecook is the best cos you get to add as much ingredients as you want! (extra extra cheese!! droll~)

    chingy ~ I did thought of bringing Egg for a full course meal. Still doing some survey around Kuching :)

    Ben'z ~ Thanks! By the way, your violin playing is awesome XD That's impressive enough!!

  13. I always love your drawings! So nice and cute! Mind teaching me how to do it? lol~ XD

    oh, and congrats for the invitation to Mr Potato Fiesta 2009! =)

  14. lol..u post this on the blog.. wouldnt egg be seeing this? @_@
    anyway all the best in finding a suitable gift! =)

  15. Joshua ~ haha! I would love to if there's a chance :D

    ming sheng ~ It's least she knows that I'm planning something XD

  16. So, have you decided what to do? hehe..

  17. Waa... you so sweet... thinking of what to give her for Xmas... =)

    sweet of you!

  18. Just give her a hug and say 'i love u', see if she forgets the presents haha:D

  19. thanks for visiting... =]


  20. Bring yourself close to her.. and guve her a bug hug.. That's the best Christmas gift. And all the best for the Mr Potato contest =)

  21. so you're going to the mister potato event yeah?
    cool! so nice can go. i cant go cuz i forgot to take part in the contest. sad.

  22. Esther ~ I guees I know liao :D

    amieyalen ~ I'm sure Cyril have thought of your christmas presents too :)

    Kelvin ~ LOL! She'll never forget :P

    misstangguo ~ thanks!

    cyril ~ I'm gonna give her a BIGGG HUGGG once she's back from KL :D

    Dylan ~ thanks! Don't worry, there's more contest coming up I guess :)


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