Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Dilemma

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Hey! It’s Christmas season everywhere in Malaysia! When we thought of Christmas, what are the things that come to our mind?? Well, as for me, it’s Present!!

It does trouble me whenever I thought of the present. I was thinking what should I give to Egg this year? Last year because of Minex, I save a lot on Christmas present! Haha! This year I do hope that there’s more contest or event coming up.

However, I still need to buy something for her.. erm.. Any suggestions?

Diamond ring? Erm..She don't really wear rings when she's working.. (lame excuse -_-")

How about a handphone? Really wish that I can get her a new phone since she keep complain that the battery wont last more than half a day. But the model she like cost me a month salary -_-"

Or a personally made pasta meal with extra cheese! Egg's favourite! (what a cheapskate >.<)
Well, that’s basically what I can think of. Mind exchanging idea with me? :D

By the way, I've received the invitation email from Nuffnang for the Mr Potato Fiesta 2009 event! Hopefully Nuffnang and Mr Potato will be our Santa Claus this year! (finger crossed)

Santa Nuffnang! and Mr Potato Claus

By: Yolk