Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Perodua Alza video contest

I've uploaded it in the facebook but the video seems to have some problems with facebook. Anyway, here's the original copy of that movie!

Here's the link to the facebook's video

By: Egg & Yolk


  1. Dem la wei. Why you guyz do very nice one! Sheesh. No chance ady la like this! =.=

  2. Not gonna join since I already know my result based on what I see here now! Haha!

  3. another superhero version, very cute!wish u can win this contest!

  4. HAhaha... NIce video. And the car shakes at the end of it xD

    heh heh Car shaking heh heh heh xD

  5. Hp ~ It takes me a total of 16 hours to finished it -_-" damn tired~~

    atreyu ~ LOL! actually I was quite disappointed cos when I upload the video into facebook, it turned out to be in very bad quality..sigh.. I was worried that the organizer only watch the video I uploaded instead of the original movie -_-"

    Kelvin ~ I dreamed to be a Hero -_-" But I was none in real life..sigh

    Candlelyn ~ I don't have much time to think of better story line, so I'll just use the super hero plot :P

    Tony wan ~ What are you thinking!!!!!!! XD

  6. Harlo EggYolks, the video is better than the one you made for DiGi Pimp Contest because there is less delay this time.

    Nice one and goodluck!!

  7. Cool...
    Which software did you use...
    You should actually come up with a tutorial on how to make these video
    It's really cool

  8. wow, awesome work!

    but why the alien got that logo on his head arh? LOL!

  9. blatant ~ thanks :D

    Tian Chad ~ yup! I purposely slowed the whole movie on the digi pimp just to show that the hippo is being very slow! I know it's kind of delay there..anyway, I do hope that you enjoyed our latest video :D

    WeiShze ~ I'm using the good old Macromedia Flash! The function is much simpler and user friendly. The new Adobe Flash CS4 is too complicated for me (too noob -_-) Hmm..tutorial..maybe next time :D I don't think there's anyone uses Macromedia Flash anymore..too outdated (since 2002)

    Miss Intoxicated ~ welcome!

    Aimar ~ Ya kah?! I thought there were many compliments on the model! Anyway, we (egg & yolk) loved that car and we've put our booking already >_<

    Jz ~ Thanks! A lot of people "shoots" me because of that logo la..aduh! My intention at 1st was to do a star thingy like those in Ultraman (if you watch them long long time ago) But after few adjustment, I came out with this logo and it looks just nice even though it looks very similar to "someone"!

    I apologize for this little misunderstanding and I seriously didn't mean to "bash" anyone -_-"

    Like what DJ from Myfm always said, "This is all mere coincident" :D

  10. Nice.. I think u'll at least be in the finals.

  11. Haha very nice video. The car become like the batman's car. Hope you will win the contest.

  12. Cyril ~ Hopefully I'll be in the finals :)

    Kristin ~ Thanks! I hope so too :D


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