Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mister Potato Fiesta 2009 pictures!

Well, everything started when Egg asked my to join the Mr Potato Fiesta blogging contest. Wonder what we wrote for the contest? Click here!

Anyway, Egg was already in KL during 19th Dec, so I(yolk) flew all the way to KL for that event! (I guess we are the most crazy couple who visited KL just for an event all the way from KUCHING! =_=)

Egg abducted by Stich?!

We reached "the mist" quite early, erm..5.30 I guess. We were the first to reach compare to other contestant (kiasu??) LOL!

The event was schedule to start on 6.30 so with plenty of time to spare, we started cam-whoring!

Guess what, after waiting for awhile, the REAL Mr Potato arrived and we both were like "Look! He's here! he's here!" (sakai =_=) So we quickly took some pictures with him.

Before transformation.

After transformation!!

Yolk with his fake mustache

Soon after that, the event started around 7 p.m. To cut the story short, I'll just go through the main scenario in the event!

Top cosplayer of Mr. Potato

Start off with some dancing with Mr. Potato

This lady and the m.c must had eaten something wrong that day! LOL!
Actually, they were dancing but not "shitting" haha!

This little guy won the best dancer! He walked away with cash RM1500

Live band performance by HUJAN

We continued with the prize giving ceremony. Spotted me (yolk)??

This was what we got that night~

Isn't this nice? wonder who gave it to us??

It's Siti and her hubby :) thanks!! She was the RM5k winner that night!

It was a wonderful event and it gave us a very very good impression of events organized by nuffnang then Mamee! We hope to join more events from nuffnang :) Other than that, we met a lot of good friends and bloggers which we could hardly meet (across the South China Sea -_-").

The fiesta ended around 10.30p.m after the prize giving ceremony. We actually had some problems with transportation to go back to where we stayed but luckily we met a "wonderful, helpful, beautiful, etc-ful" blogger! Angel. She was our savior that night when she offered us a ride to the nearest LRT station.

Dear Angel: We both thinks that you were very beautiful in person and your Buggsy were the coolest guy ever! Thanks again! If we're going to Kajang, we'll definitely look for you and some satay. Do let us know if you are coming to Kuching in the future!

You might wonder which place we got in the contest. Hmm..I'm not telling you guys yet until we really got the prize in hand :)

So stay tuned!

By: Egg & Yolk