Saturday, November 21, 2009

Great memories

It’s me again! I’m writing another post without Egg. She’s currently busy with her new job and she won’t be helping me on most of the updates of our blog -_-"

As you can see in our freshly drawn banner, we started our blog on the 13th December last year! In fact, we don’t even realize it until we look back at our previous post! It does bring back good memories.

I believe everyone of us here started our own blog with certain purpose and motives. As for us (Egg & Yolk), we started our blog because of a treasure hunting event held in Kuching in conjunction of Christmas in 2008. Still remember Minex?

If you’d like to know more about the past event, do read it here. Hopefully there’s such event again this year : P

We were not much of a blogger to begin with so we did a lot of junk posts -_-“ such as below...

After discussing with Egg on our future plans (not wedding lar..), we decided to join contests! We were actually inspired by a super contest hunter, jing jing.

So here we are today, the 最佳拍檔 and a full time supporter to blogging contest!

Thanks to nuffnang for organizing so many contests lately. Hopefully we can win more >_<

By: Yolk


  1. haha i remember the movie, 'Aces go places'. Tat bald head is Detective Mak right? haha^^

  2. Nice post, very creative! I 've only been to Kuching once, very neat of a town, love it....BTW, thanks for the comment!;-)

  3. =) i suppose what you thought was "junk" was what ppl found amusement in, a way to destress... yeah, i'm wondering how you made the cartoon too... is there a software or sthg?

  4. kelvin ~ yup! that's detective Mak A.K.A Kong Tau Lou. This was my favorite movies years ago. I watched all the series XD

    Ah King ~ Do visit Kuching often ya! miao!

    Mr. J ~ We draw it using macromedia Flash at the moment. Might upgrade to Adobe Flash soon :)

    Esther ~ we'll think of more "amusing" junk post in the future :) We use Macromedia Flash to do all the drawings. Actually, the software is used to make animations, but because we are still rookie in Flash, we only get to draw and do very very simple flash movie :)

  5. hahah i see.. cool, i'll get it checked out..

  6. happy anniversary! mine too this coming December XD

  7. WhoOPpps... someone direct me here~

    YupZz... surprise to see my name ... =}

    but there gone my prize after we
    gets into da same hobby... =__=|||

    BODOH !!!!! but keep it up ^_^V
    The feeling of Winning is damn COOL isnt it...

    U've finally gets Addicted with contest.

    * pROOFffff dissapear in the air


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