Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's Today! Happy anniversary!

Here's a little flash photo album of us through out the year of blogging! Enjoy :D
(please click the little "enter" button on the left end)

When I was doing the flash, I found the original version of my "digiman" animation before it was converted into video. You might want to watch it again? hehe!

Anyway, I'm wishing our little blog happy anniversary again!!! Because of this blog, we had such a great time this year ^^


Egg bought few little egg-egg (tan tan) to celebrate our blog's birthday!!
(LOL! egg buying eggs) hmm..confusing -_-"

By: Egg & Yolk


  1. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog.

    I love your blog, the digiman flash is very funny. Keep up the good work!! :-)

  2. I know who is that....that is me!!

    happy 1st anniversary man!

  3. baby sumo ~ thanks for visitng back ya :D

    michael ~ LOL! it's you! that's my 1st impression of you..haha..remember that time during the rain at waterfront..haha

    araleling ~ thank you! (on behalf of our blog -_-")

    Kelvin ~ hohoho!! thank you!! merry christmas >_<

  4. wow! happy anniversary!
    no gift away for me?hehe

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I like your drawing because it always can tell the story well =)

    Happy Anniversary and I hope you can draw an Avatar for me too! ;p

  7. john ~ thanks! 1 years old liao

    aidi ~ We were waiting for your gift la..LOL!

    joyce ~ haha! the hippo is gone for good :D

    kenwooi ~ haha :P

    inbliss ~ I'll inform her!LOL!

    tian chad ~ thank you for supporting us :)

  8. happy 1st anniversary!wish egg n yolk will produce more n more great blog post!
    i like ur digiman animation, funny lar!haha

  9. happy anniversary egg yolks, wish u many more happy egg yolks ;)

  10. Happy anniversary!!! I have those eggs at my house too! hehe

  11. candlelyn ~ sure thing! we'll come up with more interesting post!

    little mama ~ hehe!! We'll be the happiest egg yolk because of your wish :D

    cuppycake93 ~ thank you~

    kristin ~ wow! another egg lover :D yay!!

  12. Happy aniversary! =D
    waiting for more interesting post!! =D

  13. So creative...When u want to do tutorial on doing a video like u did?Really interested to know..I think u will win big during Mister Potato Fiesta this weekend...Good Luck ...

  14. nabil, tony, kathlynn, chili crab ~ thank you :D

    lovely emy ~ thanks for the compliment! (flattered XD)

    eyriqazz ~ I'm way too far from the standard of giving tutorial -_-". In fact, I'm still learning and improving my drawings and flash :P But if you have any questions, I'm more than willing to help :D

    Finger crossed for the Mr. Potato event!! May goddess of "LUCK" is with me!

  15. Happy Anniversary yaaaa!!!!

    May the egg yolks remain forever!!!


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