Monday, October 12, 2009

Recent Kuching Events

Just a little update on the recent events in Kuching that we had attended.

Mid-autumn festival celebration in The Spring Shopping mall, Kuching organized by Astro on 26th Sept. Few well known celebrities were invited for this event including Jessica Liu & Michelle Chia(MediaCorp artistes), Professor Wynn HT Pan, Danny Koo (Motorbike ah Boy), Hong Geok Jin & Ivan (winners of Classic Golden Melody Singing Competition)

The event started off with a street magic performance by a magician from "age of elves". Even though the tricks were the simple but everyone was still amazed :)

He's doing some card magic

The event was followed by Danny Koo (a.k.a Ah Boy). He got famous recently because of his hosted tv show "Motosikal Balik Kampung". Both of us (egg & yolk) were ah boy's fans because of his cute personality! It was fun to see him travels around Malaysia with his motorbike. So we did a special caricature for him.
Danny in action

After that, the two winners of Astro's Classic Golden Melody Singing Competition (Ivan & Hong Geok Jin) performed few classic songs. They looked so young as if they were in their 30's.

Ivan with the two hosts

Hong Geok Jin sings while captured by a strange short man -_-"

"It's him again!" exclaimed yolk when he saw that Little Man (LM). We saw him in almost every event in Kuching, especially those events where free gift were given. You can find him in our previous post here.

The LM getting himself seated in the middle of the crowds

The peak of the event started when the 2 well-known MediaCorp artistes came to the stage.
Both Jessica Liu & Michelle Chia were so pretty in real person. They played some games with the audience and free mooncakes were given out.

Chinese idioms scrabble

The host showing the male audience how to
act like a fat pregnant lady in one of the acting game

At the end of the event, those audience who queued to get the artists' photos were given a chance to have their favourite artistes' signature. We left at that moment because we don't have the photos..wu~~wu~~

Anyway, there was another event in Boulevard Shopping Mall on the 3rd October. It was the 欢喜来卡拉 (hokkien karaoke competition) organised by Astro and hosted by Phoebe and Jentzen. Actually , we are watching the shows on ch333 every sunday.
It was the final for the Sarawak region. 3 of the best singer will represent Sarawak to compete in Klang with the other competitors through out Malaysia. Before the top 3 were announced, both Phoebe and Jentzen had some "ice breaking" activites with the audience (you know lar..Sarawak people all shy shy one).

To cut the story short, here's the top 3 in the sarawak region. We forgot their names :P

And the winner goes to Mina! Congrats!

Nothing much happens in Kuching recently other than heavy rains and strong winds -_-". We'll update if there's more interesting events in Kuching! So stay tuned :)

P/S: actually Yolk wanted to draw caricatures for Phoebe and Jentzen but because of limited time, he only managed to draw ah boy! Unless it was a personal request from both Phoebe and Jentzen then he'll surely draw for them :P
By: Egg & Yolk