Sunday, October 4, 2009

DIGI! Pimp My Broadband (animated)

DIGIMAN, The Born of A New Age Hero

I’ve been using this “stimics” broadband since it was the only available broadband few years back. It was fine then because there’s no one with better speed (it was slow though) Then problems starts coming in, frequent disconnections, lagging, hanged, extreme slowness, etc.

I’m still facing all these troubles even when I’m doing this animation! I need a lot of sound effects to do animation, so I’ve been surfing around to find free sound effects. The problem is, even if I manage to find the web page, I can’t really download them because of slow downloading speed! In fact, I’ve finished the drawing and animations few days ago, but because of the SLOW broadband, I can’t finish the sound effects until today. I have no choice but to do my own version of sound effect! Serious! I made most of those sounds! (except the 2 songs by AKFG and YUI)

The sound effect I made:
1. Grrrrr….. - roaring of hippo (I slowed my voice using Sony Soundforge 8)
2. it’s a bird, it’s a plane
3. Digiman vs hippo stimics
4. Round one, fight!
5. Ding Ding Ding (knocking a bowl using spoon -_-“)
7. Kwak! Kwak! Kwak! – crow’s voice
8. NOOO~~~~~~~ (ending part for hippo)
9. Digi, always the smarter choice
10. Tung~ Tung~ Tung~ Tung~ Tung~ - Digi’s tune (I played using my piano)

Imitating a crow -_-"

Playing Piano

Even after I FINALLY finished the animation, it took me almost 2 hours to upload it to youtube! OMG! It’s already 3am in the morning!!!

Can you imagine how much trouble I’ve gone through to make this simple flash animation because of the “slowness” of my current broadband. Come on Digi, pimp my broadband! Defeat the slowmonster - Hippo Stimics and let us regain our speed!

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p/s: there's a few buzz noises in the clip and i can't seems to remove them :(

By: Egg & yolk