Sunday, October 18, 2009

Guess who's that!

Egg has been asking me to draw ah beng for quite some time already but i kept delayed her request due to all the contests. Finally, most of the contest that we took part have ended so I have spare time to do some drawings :)

I've been drawing this caricature for the whole morning! Guess who are they??

That ah beng looks similar to the real person but ah lian is a bit different.
(Got to do more caricature to improve my skill :P)

Guys! come make a wild guess! Haha!

by: Yolk


  1. My FM 骑呢份子 - 林德荣 as Ah Beng and 颜微恩 as Ah Lian... Where's Ah Boon???

  2. Ian ~ Congrats! ur guess is correct!! LOL! U wan ah boon? I'll try to draw him later :P

  3. I listen to them every morning... =) what's my price o? hehe... ANy chance drawing R&B ?? lol~


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