Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We are the 1st Runner Up!

*The following is an Advertorial from nuffnang:

Our winning entry! (click here to view)

We were so surprised when we received an email from nuffnang that we are the 1st runner up for Olay Natural White blogging contest! It’s like a dream come true for both of us (all the Olay products will be given to egg! I’ll (yolk) take the cash! haha!)

We did put a lot of effort in this contest especially the writing part. As usual, egg did all the writings and I did most of the drawings and some of the picture editing was done by egg. After we submit our entry, we did go around innit looking for nuffnangers who joined the contest. Just to see other’s entry, as written in a Chinese proverb which literally translated as “knowing oneself and knowing competitors, 100 competitions and 100 wins”.

We only got 4 nangs!

In fact, a lot of them did so well and we got so worried that our entry won’t even get a consolation prize. Since we have submitted our entry, there was nothing much we can do but to wait for the results. We promised ourselves that we were going to improve our writings and also our drawing skills so that we can compete with all those outstanding bloggers out there!

Anyway, we are so grateful to both Nuffnang and Olay for giving us the prizes and recognize our effort in this contest. Egg is very happy now and she can’t wait to collect the half year supply of Olay products (it saved me a lot of money. LOL! )

Once again! Nuffnang! Olay! We LOVE You! Thank You!
By: Egg & Yolk