Saturday, October 24, 2009

Feeling cheated

Today was like another usual day for me (at the beginning) when I went to the spring shopping mall. After walking around, I decided to go over the “blue cube” to pay my Celcom’s bill.

I was so shocked by the amount! RM160! I had never spent that much on my hand phone for just a month. Then I questioned the “blue cube” people and I realized that they (Celcom) had limited the calls and sms for the 1+3 plan.

There are only 20 hours calls and 1500 sms available for the main line to the sub line (per month). During the time when 1+3 plan was implemented, all calls and sms to sub line was absolutely free and unlimited!

I had no choice but to pay that amount and leave (feeling cheated).

I then went straight to the 1st floor of the spring and switch my number to DIGI! Guys!, I remained my number so don’t worry!

I switched!

If you're still using celcom postpaid with 1+3 or 1+5 plans, don't over spend or you'll end up like me -_-"

By: Yolk


  1. Em, your case happened to me for Digi. When I migrated from the DG150 to the DG50, they said that calls to my family sub line will still be free.. so I use and use la..

    Then when the bill came, I got a huge shock. They were charging me!! And because of one silly officer, I have to pay the bill! Chit!

  2. LOL! I've changed to DIGI prepaid to avoid the same thing happens again -_-"

  3. Huh? Serious or not? They limiting the calls now? How can? But as far as I know, my Celcom plan is sub-lines get to call each other and the main line for free. But the main line has to pay to call the sublines.

  4. But Digi line not so stable le...I'm using digi also btw..haha!

  5. Ms lime ~ both main and sub are limited already. Actually i paid around RM90 for my main line and RM50 something for the sub line..both added up is RM160!

    In fact, I applied for 1+3 plan 2 years ago cos I only need to pay RM5 for my sub and enjoy unlimited calls. Now no more :(

    Joshua ~ Egg has a Digi line, that's why i change to Digi :P

  6. I'm porting back to Maxis. Guess what, I'm paying RM160 per month using Digi Postpaid. Yet I'm using DG50 plan. Gosh...I thought it's cheaper using Digi.

  7. Norman ~ Really ar? Luckily I choose prepaid instead of postpaid. At least I can limit myself from making too much calls -_-"

  8. ahaha...
    Good presenting using pic..
    Digi have a poor line..
    Too poor..


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