Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Top 5 Treat List

I (yolk) work as a secondary school teacher in Kuching. I have been earning a tiny amount of salary every month (really!).

Out of my salary, 60% goes to housing loan, 10% goes to transportation and 10% goes to family fund. Left 20% for daily expenses and savings

I ride a little blue motorcycle (Suzuki) which were bought 3rd handed during my years in University (5 years ago)
I have been using an old desktop computer which was bought in 2003! It keep hangs and restart by itself. I had to format it 2-3 times in a year. Further more, when I use Adobe Flash CS4 to draw, it will suddenly shut down even before I save my drawings.

Therefore, I have no choice but to use back the old version of “Macromedia Flash MX 2002” to draw -_-".

Despite of my condition, I do treat myself something nice once in awhile. Erm..let me think.

I brought Egg and her parents to Genting Highland for holidays....few years ago,

I bought a double storey terrace house for me and my future family!
still under constructions

On 2nd thought, I never really treat myself anything! -_-"

Anyway, here's My Top 5 Treat List which I really wish for!

1. Dell Inspiron 13 Laptop

2. A brand new car to replace my little motorcycle. I’m not greedy, Proton Saga SE is enough.

3. Get my whole house air-conditioned (especially bedrooms and living room)

4. Go to Disneyland Park (Anaheim), California with egg. (It is me and egg’s dream vacation)

5. A Fender American Standard Jazz Bass guitar

Anyway, treating myself with a Dell Inspiron 13 is my top priority now. If I have the money, I would definitely get one for myself. As I mentioned earlier, my current computer is 6 years old! (The average life span of a desktop computer is about 3-5 years) There are just too many problems with this computer such as frequent hangs, too many errors with software, too slow, too space consuming, etc. I need a computer which has the performance, the size, the connectivity and the price!

I need a computer which allows multitasking such as running Adobe Flash CS4, Adobe Fireworks CS4 and Sony Sound forge 10 at the same time so that I can create better arts (cartoon, caricature and animations). I need a powerful graphic card and a wide vivid display to create the perfect animations.

My current computer is taking up too much space in my room. I need a spacious place to do my work so that I will have inspirations to produce creative arts.

I need to surf the internet for ideas and resources frequently. Therefore, wifi is very essential. At the same time, I need to do a lot of transfers from other input devices (camera and hand phone) and a big hard disc space to store all my files.

Last but not least, I need a value plus computer as I earn just enough for my monthly expenditure.

Surprisingly, Dell Inspiron 13 meets all my needs!

Performance + Wide vivid display
It is built with an Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo processor which supports multitasking. It also has an improved graphics performance with ATI Mobility RadeonTM HD 4330.

It's only 13.3 inches which makes it very portable and saves space!

It has built-in connectivity with a media card reader, HDMI and eSATA, Enhanced wireless supports up to 802.11n connections and Dell™ Webcam Central

for your information, Egg is now in KL for her job trainings :)

From RM2,299 (definitely a thumbs up for a notebook with intel core duo processor). It is well balance between performance and price.

Why wait? Treat yourself a Dell Inspiron 13 now!

By the way, you are given a special coupon code 7ZQVQF2RLZRKW3 from Dell that would allow anyone who makes purchase of a Dell Inspiron 13 (S510701MY) with RM100 Instant Cash Redemption!!. This promotion is only available online or by calling Dell at 1800-88-0301. This coupon code expires on 10th Nov 2009.

We are writing this for the purpose of joining Nuffnang - Dell "My Top 5 Treat List" contest

By: Egg & Yolk


  1. Dude.. your's is even better!!

    I was hoping you didn't know about the contest so that I could eliminate the competition =P LOL *joking*

    Anyway, best of luck to you too!!

  2. LOL~ Let's hope that there's no more bloggers submitting their entries >_< hehe..

  3. You really spent time on your blog here, impressive...I'm sure you will get your top 5 listed items in no time.

  4. As usual you've did a great post =)
    Keep your finger crossed =D

  5. This is cute~

    I make 1 here

  6. john ~ Mine is not as geng as other nuffnangers lar..but anyway, i hope a can win :)

    Boon ~ I hope to get Dell Inspiron 13 first then I'll get a car xD

    Tian Chad ~ Thanks for your support!

    Nor Hanis ~ Saw your post! good luck :)

  7. HAHA!! sorry man, i laughed.
    your writing is funny! it's great.
    least you've made my day at night! (i'm straight)
    i think you already have a great planning for your future. =D

    you should come to kl again. we meet up =D
    my top list now is a DSLR!!!! required for my job. not really required, but i want. haha

    good luck to you!! =)

    no... not submitting any entries =P

  8. hey dude.. really good post.. =)
    u do put alot of effort and work into it...
    all the best in ur pursue of a new laptop!

  9. enjoy your post very much :)
    if you looking for high performance computer,
    for multitasking and such, i say go with desktop.. because you can change it processor, ram, graphic card and such.. but since you want portable maybe it not suitable..

    for designing, you should look notebook with high processor and of course built-in graphic card.

    if you have more and more money, i think you will with your talent.. go get macbook :D

  10. AL ~ you should join the contest too! the closing date is on 10th NOV! Next time if I get to go KL, maybe we can meet up ^_^

    Ming sheng ~ Thanks!

    Izzat ~ I heard that macbook is a very good tool for doing computer graphic. But for my level, a Dell Inspiron 13 is very much sufficient >_< LOL!

  11. Aww... you are one rocking & inspiring person!!!!!! I look up to you sir!!!! :)

  12. darnit! have been thinking how to blog abt this and seriously.. i think u nailed it hands down and u deserve it so-much-more!!

    i know wat's it like to always be doing things for others and getting things for others..

    and for that i really HOPE you do win it!!

    which colour would u like to have?? =p I bet if you win it, you'll probably give it to someone instead..

  13. eh very nice..
    of all the entries i've seen.. you're the best so far..
    all the best!
    i thought of joining too.. but i think i lazy lah.. haha.. good luck! =)

  14. Haha... very good! I love it. Really has the quality LOL... Hope u can win!

  15. wah...bro...thanks for ur visit and comment.

    nice to bump to ur blog here...i like this post...i hope u can win too....

    u r a tutor from kuching...nice to meet u

  16. aldrinne ~ thanks for your complement! U have a nice blog too :)

    goingkookies ~ You can still join the contest since it haven't close! Anyway, I really hope to win a white one :D

    Kenwooi ~ Thanks! You should try out this contest Since you're so creative in writing blogs. I've been following your blog for quite sometime too :P

    Tony ~ Thanks!Going to link you up too ^^

    Jordan22 ~ I hope I can win too >_< (finger crossed)

    vialentino ~ Thanks! I'm not a tutor but a normal secondary teacher ;)

  17. good luck to you!
    i know how frustrating it gets when u finished drawing something and then the computer just hangs! :S it's almost like the end of the world!

  18. Wow, great post. I guess you're winning =D

  19. hey we have the same dream treat lah.. Disneyland!
    good luck with the contest ya!

  20. OMG. Ur post are great!
    thanks for the wish :)

    I don't think I could win the contest after read ur post (-_-")

  21. hahahaha so funny!!! I think this contest belongs to you! good luck Yolk! and Egg!

  22. Dylan ~ I almost knock my head on the wall when my comp hangs before i get to save my drawings!It's like few hours of hard work all gone in sec -_-"

    Leo ~ thanks

    Kusut ~ Yaya! I never thought that there's someone else wanted to go disneyland as we did :)

    ween ~ eh! if i really really really going to win one, there's 2 left for you oh! Lets wish ourself good luck! ;)

    amieyalen ~ Thanks yo~~

  23. awww~ i'm sure you can try running on adobe flash cs3 instead of cs4... xD

    first time dropping by, great post and great blog! yolk and egg seems to be very sweeeet~ <3 :D

    yay! hope you'll win the lappie! :D

  24. OMG. So good the entry. Gone liao. >.<
    Thanks for the nang also, haha.

  25. Haha so cuteeee also! *Pray pray we win :D*

  26. hi.thks 4 da drp. very good graphics there again. can stay up in genting area very nice. hot here in mst areas.:]

  27. Nice post!
    I'll always love visiting your blog. =)
    Best of luck for you! =D

  28. Nice one and din know you are from Kuching. haha.

  29. This is a creative one! =)
    Good luck to you!

  30. haha.. so cute ur drawing! wish i can draw like u...

  31. I really like ur post!
    u deserve to win d dell inspiron 13! XD

  32. happysurfer ~ thanks

    conan_cat ~ I tried cs3. it still restarts wu~wu~ thanks for the compliment :)

    kelvin ~ thanks for visiting back

    chingy ~ lets pray hard >_<

    piw_piw ~ thanks for visiting back

    sean ~ ya..Kuching's weather is very hot too

    nabil ~ thanks!!

    xiaopei ~ ^_^

    vkvun ~ Yup! Kuching's eggyolk

    Gypsy ~ thank you~

    jam ~ that's just life..what to do? :P

    allison ~ hey, if you have the interest, surely u can draw even better than me!

    f@n ~ thankyou!!

  33. congrates!!! just found the winner.. :)

    never thought that u also a teacher :)


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