Friday, November 13, 2009

No Compromise for Mister Potato Fiesta 2009

Once upon a time, there was a young man named “Yolk” who worked as a potato peeler in Mister Potato’s organization.

In fact, the potato peeler’s position was even lower than the rubbish throwing uncle!

However, this never stop Yolk from pursuing his dream to become the #1 man in Mister Potato Empire! It was never an easy task to go to the top position in such a big empire!

Yolk worked very hard everyday peeling off all the potatoes hoping that someone will notice his potential.

One day, a potato genie showed itself before Yolk. The potato genie told Yolk that it can help Yolk to climb the corporate ladder and become the #1 man in Mister Potato Empire. However, the potato genie warned yolk that he must not compromise the quality of the potato chips. He must make sure that every single piece of potato chip must be tasty, crunchy and nice!

Yolk swore that he would not compromise low quality potato chips in front of the potato genie. Feeling impressed by Yolk’s oath, the potato genie starts to show Yolk the steps.

1st – you must pluck and differentiate the good potatoes and the bad potatoes. Only the good potatoes are worthy to be used to make potato chips.

2nd – you must go around the globe to find out other’s favourite types of potato chips

3rd – practice your slicing skills until you can slice 14 thin slices out of 1 potato and finish 3 potatoes in 20 seconds.

4th – memorize all the details on the packaging (the canister of Mister Potato Crisps)

5th – train you hearing! Differentiate crunchy or limp potato chips out of 10 chips in 20 seconds (just by hearing!)

6th – Test you potato chip making knowledge

7th – memorize the laughter of Ortega, Mister Potato’s assistant by using Q, W, E, R, and T

8th – Final test! Dress yourself up as a Mister Potato!

Finally, Yolk became the #1 man in the mister potato’s empire. Despite of his position, he still went around the potato chip factory to make sure that all slices of potato were in the best condition. He never compromised the poor quality potatoes chips. With Mister Potato’s tasty, crunchy and nice potato chips, everyone lived happily every after.

Give this flash a try :)

When I woke up, I made up my mind to become a REAL MR POTATO!

So I start to gather my materials needed! I dig around my house for recycle staff then went out to buy few packets of potato chips and these is what I got for myself!

1. Brand X potato chips (pretend that you don't recognize the brand >_<)
2. Mister Potato Hot and Spicy potato chips
3. A piece of cut-off cloth from an old red T-shirt
4. A fake mustache made out of old stocking! (Gosh! I'm sticking it underneath my nose!)

5. A toy pistol which my dad gave me when I was in primary school (erm..15 yeas ago i guess :P)

6. Last but not least, a hand made Mexican Hat (with a hole -_-")

So here's few pictures that I've taken!

(a) Limp chips! No compromise!

(b) I won't allow Limp Chips in my territory!

Well, which one you think looks better? In fact, I've submitted (b). Anyway, there's still 3 days before the voting date! Do let me know which one looks better so that I still have the chance to update my photo :D

Do give me some of your votes ya!
Voting date: 29th Nov - 5th Dec 2009
Vote can be cast once everyday!

p/s: I think i look more like Ortega rather than Mr Potato -_-" (too thin!)

We are writing this for the purpose of Mister Potato-nuffnang "No Compromise for Mister Potato Fiesta 2009" blogging contest

By Egg & Yolk