Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Change! not Charge!

p/s : It was Nicholas's latest visit to KL after his 1st visit 10 years ago =_="

Story Boarding: Egg
Comic Artist: Yolk


  1. hahaha.. lol..
    funny guy la.. how can he possible think that's an item.. =P


  2. Bro, this is totally unrelated, but congrats on the Dell laptop =)

  3. hahahha~ Luckily he didn't go to make complaint =P
    However, my working location is just next to Tropicana Mall. Where is your training located?

  4. kenwooi ~ haha! He’s funny. Egg and the other colleague always make fun of him!

    Stephen ~ LOL!!

    Xiang ~ He’s really blur.. =_=”

    Cyril ~ thanks!! XD

    Kelvin ~ He’s funny right?! Haha!

    Candlelyn ~ Gosh! When Egg told the other colleagues, everyone was laughing until cannot tahan!! Haha

    Anonymous ~ Yalor, luckily he didn’t go to counter to complain or else he’ll be totally embarrassed. Egg is actually staying in the condo near that area.

  5. Haha...your drawings really nice and cute! =)

  6. sfx: *guang guang guang* I don't look carefully at fine print too sometimes. Who knows? Maybe I signed away some stuff I don't know about... XD

  7. This is really funny, thanks for sharing!
    Go and watch some movies at Tropicana City, the cinema seats are great! Do drop by my blog when u are online, Cheers!

  8. After 6 months with the crazy afternoon staff at SMKBK1 anything can happen!

  9. Joshua ~ haha! Thanks

    Joyce ~ guang*3! Haha! Me too, sometime after shopping I’ll just throw away the receipt without checking it -_-“

    Irene ~ visited your blog! Do visit here often ya!

    Esther ~ >_<

    Belle ~ Pn Isabella! Neve expect to see your comment here! Haha! To be frank, I (yolk) really enjoyed the afternoon session ^_^

  10. I love your drawings! so clean and tidy. Are you using a digitizer?

  11. Hi there! It's my 1st time here! The cartoons are awesome! :P


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