Friday, November 27, 2009

Counting Elves

I came across this amazing contest and I would like to share to all my readers! You might ask "What makes it so amazing?". Here's the reason!

1. No purchase needed!
2. All you need to do is to count and write a slogan! (piece of cake)
3. Win fabulous prize!

So how to join this?? Let my elves tell you! hehe! (actually not mine lar..)

and finally!

I personally tried the counting part and this was my expression after I did the counting! haha!

So go ahead and try your luck! here's the link! The Count The Elves Contest !!

By the way, all the elves were redrawn in a form of fan art!

*we write this post is just to inform our readers regarding the contest! We did not receive anything (money/prize/food/toilet paper/ etc...) from any party!

by: Yolk


  1. lol.. i dont know why..
    somehow i dont like joining such contests..
    it's like i wont win it anyway.. =P

  2. heheeee I print screen-ed and count, still blur lor~!!!

  3. nice one! thanks for sharing! i hope i will win! hehehehe

  4. haha cute drawings..
    waiting to see ur mr potato photo!

  5. *dizzy* x10...the flash is not static one...

  6. kenwooi ~ Just try out your luck! The elves are cute by the way :D

    misaMisaN ~ sh...I print screened too! XD

    wen pink ~ good luck!

    ming sheng ~ thanks!

    kelvin ~ it's kind of challenging cos there are many moving obstacles around. My eyes are blured~~

  7. I personally won't take time to count it loh...

  8. I personally won't take time to calculate loh...

  9. oooo! well, might stand a chance, why not try it out? ;) thanks for sharing!! :D

  10. jam ~ in fact, it takes quite some time to do all the calculation -_-"

    conan_cat ~ yup! let's give it a try!!

  11. hahaha. i wonder if i got a chance to win! :)

  12. Baby ~ good luck!

    Kathlynn ~ I guess we need a bit of luck to win this :D


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