Sunday, September 13, 2009

Too HAZY to be true

Recently the haze has back and the whole town became blurry as if we are in Genting-Lowland. Because of the unwelcomed haze, the weather here is hot like a sizzling pan. So all Kuchingites! Do remember your mask when your out there (not to avoid H1N1 but Haze too :p)

The view of Kuching these days
Hazy view
Empty roads
Yesterday we saw thick smoke coming out around the shop houses at Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho Alliance bank. We thought who was that stupid guy that burns during this hazy days. But when we got a closer look, we realized that it was a car on fire. We were like OMG! Did the guy owed Ah Long (loan shark) money? Or there's some superstitious guy burning an offering during this "hungry ghost" month?

In fact, the car ignited itself when the engine was still running. The owner of the car went to the bank while his gf was inside waiting for him. His gf sensed smoke coming out of the car then she escaped and ran to inform the car owner. Some passerby called the fire station but it was too late. The fire engine reached the spot when the car was like 80% burnt. Poor guy :( Anyway, it was lucky that there was no one who got hurt during this incident.

Story boarding & photograph : Egg
Comic: Yolk