Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Childhood Companion

Portable stereo music center is my childhood companion. It made my childhood full of imagination and it acted as a source of entertainment for my family and neighbour. It is a vintage suitcase with radio with aerial, tape enhanced with recorder, turntable, and speakers plus built in mini microphone.

I love to carry it everywhere from my house car porch to the backyard and from downstairs to upstairs. The suitcase was indeed too heavy for a little kid like me. I can remember clearly that when I was 6 years old, I ever fell down from the staircase when I carried the heavy suitcase which caused me ended up with head and body injuries (bruises over everywhere on my body and swollen forehead).

However, I never fear on that and kept on playing with it. I started to modify the suitcase by stealing the wheels from the baby’s moving chair. I took four wheels and used double sided tape to affix them on the suitcase. I got a string and tied it on the suitcase handle. Therefore, I could pull it everywhere from then onwards. I would pull it to the front car porch, opened the case. Then I took out the microphone and started to sing. I would shout for my neighbour and family out from the house because I was going to present them with song and dancing just like my solo concert. Sometimes I would play the tape with children song and sometimes I would play the records on Elvis Presley’s and Michael Jackson’s song while imitating their actions and dancing. I would wear my mum’s high heels and use my dad’s belt to tie the microphone on my chest because I need to dance while singing.

Sometimes I would imitate people who sell medicine by the roadside as well. I would take empty perfume bottles, containers, bottles and even a rubber snake. Then I shouted that I was bitten by snake and I used the perfume bottle as medicine to cure the wound which made my family laughed until tears out. It was very fun playing with it. I even stole my uncle sunglasses and wore it while pulling the suitcase as if I was James Bond.

It is a cool suitcase but it is not functioning anymore. Maybe I will let my children to play with it next time to generate their imagination.

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By: egg & yolk