Wednesday, August 26, 2009

HP - Touch The Future

HP is organizing a "Predictions for the Future’ contest!" where you get the chance to predict the future of computer and stand a chance to win a HP Notebook!

Here's our entries :)

Touch the future: The top innovation of 2010 for HP will be more sophisticated in design and functions which will make our life easier and smoother. HP will be enhanced with security system which users have to place their thumbprints at the sensor to switch on the power.


-Mirror(monitor can be a mirror when the pc is off or in a standby mode)
-Cabless(no cable to be plug in from monitor to CPU)
-Built- in battery like laptop enhance with wireless charger(power is not necessary to switch on the desktop)
-Built-in sound system(amplifier with speaker)
-Voice recognition security system


-Remote controller(able to on automatic gate, remote for tv, dvd, fan)
-Foldable(from a normal size of laptop fold to handphone size so that it is easier to bring around)
-Wireless charger(can be charged everywhere without boundary)
-Voice recognition security system
-Light Screen(Visual Without Medium, uses hi-projector technology to project visual in thin air)

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By: Egg and Yolk