Saturday, June 11, 2011

Perodua Lagi Best!

Nowadays, owning a car is so much easier compared to my parent's era. I did remember my dad told me that he saved for almost 10 years before he can afford to buy his first car (130Y). Without much money, he had very little choice.
credit to Mr google
As for today, owning a car is as easy as a piece of cake! Almost anyone with a proper income can own a car. Not only that, the choices of car are incredibly abundant and they are always the special edition or limited edition of the cars.
As for Egg and I, we bought our very first car in February last year, our precious black Perodua Alza! We did a lot of surveys before we finalized our decision. Well, it's not a hard decision anyway considering the cars available at that moment. We find that Perodua Alza suits our need the most with it's huge cabin (good for family trip), sufficient horsepower (1.5 litre,) and stylish design (both interior and exterior).

Now that we have found the car that suits us best, how about you?

Anyway, we've joined the laters "Perodua Lagi Best" video competition with our animated entry. You can watch the original link here!

The video was kind of blurred after being converted for a few times due to our original video output was .wmv . Anyway, here's a clearer HD version! Enjoy :D

I used almost 48 hours to complete this video from the process of sketching to animating it. The worst part is always the narration where it consumed the most time. I s*cks at narrating =_="
 Guess how I did the back ground? I used my students foolscap paper!! >_<
Hope you enjoyed the video! :D

By: Egg & Yolk