Sunday, July 10, 2011

Getting a pet 3

After the long wait, we hereby present you the new member of our little family!!! The Egg Yolks & KikiLala. If you wonder how we got our pets, please refer to our previous blog post, getting a pet 1, getting a pet 2

Here's the real picture of them. The little brown girl is Lala while the white guy is Kiki ^^ So, they are known as KIKILALA (not the kids clothings brand)

If you wonder what type of puppies are they, they are actually known as ChiPoo. Their dad is a poodle while their mom is a chihuahua. That's why Lala looks more like chihuahua (since she's a girl) and Kiki looks more like his dad :D
These two little guys were so active that they keep running around whenever they were out of the cage >_< . They even banged my washing machines few times when they were chasing one another =_="
Even though they were only with us for around 2 weeks, they've already learn few tricks! Not bad for a first timer aye? hehe..
Whenever they are tired, they'll just lay down showing you these "cute" face! :D
 So, do you feel like adopting one?? XD

By: Egg & Yolk