Friday, August 12, 2011

Watch dog Wannabe

Ever since we got our new pet, we've been busying teaching them how to become a good dog. Some people call it "" also known as "the way of dogs"

Now that they are also most 5 months old (equivalent to 2 human years), little kiki had decided to become an honorable watch dog.

After a series of training, I decided put kiki to test.

He (kiki) looks very fierce in the beginning when a stranger (a small little girl) passed by.  When he got nearer to the gate, he only manage to bark once then he ran and hide right behind my legs =_="

I'd rather have Egg to look after the house >_<  (*spanked by Egg in the head)

By: Egg & Yolk


  1. Haha..epic fail..

    but i really don't like dogs barking on me everytime i lalu depan rumah jiran i..

    takut sebenarnya..


  2. it depends on the breed also? some human friendly dog dun bark at strangers... or mayb still young? more training needed xD

  3. sharkox ~ haha! i failed eventually..haha! maybe he's not fit for that >_<

    zhi-qing ~ it's actually a chiwawa-poodle breed. Maybe he's too young gua~

  4. haha if im not wrong, chiwawa and poodle are both toy dogs. not suitable to be a watch dog because they are people-friendly :)


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