Sunday, July 8, 2012

REV-CUP Amp Your Pix 2012

If you have been listening to Hitz FM or My FM, you should have known about the REV-CUP Amp Your Pix competition. We were invited to the party as we were one of the theme winner. The finale party was held in Neverland, KL.

Since we reached rather early that day, we went to do some shopping and visited Nuffnang's office to collect our Nippon blobby (being left in their place for months). 

There were actually a Mickey's fair in midvalley where there were lots of displays of Mickey's figurine in different designs. They even have their own character design details. Too bad, they are not for sales >_<"

After checking in our hotel, we head straight to Raja Chulan Monorail station as Neverland is located just a stone throw away from the station.

Photo Courtesy of Revive
Photo Courtesy of Revive

They were having photo shooting area like last year where you get to take few shots and have it printed right on spot. There were even cosplay models to take photos with you
Photo Courtesy of Revive
While inside the club, photos of the contestant were framed on the wall and of course, 8 of them were ours XD

Even our Kiki was framed! :D *rolf!!*

As usual, we have the same host from last 2 year's party - JJ and Jin from hitz! Awesome guys :D

After few performances from the local artists, the prize giving ceremony started and a total of RM 65,000 were given away! Ours were handed over by myfm's DJ, Jason & Mei Yan.

Without hesitation, Egg requested both the famous DJ to take photo with us. It's not easy for us to see them as they are based in KL and they don't visit Kuching that often. We only get to listen to their programs through the radio. 

Here's the final photo of the day :D
Courtesy of Skyman