Friday, November 30, 2012

Count Down to our 4th Anniversary

We've started this comic blog since 2008 all because of a little Diamond hunt in Kuching. Since then, the journey of becoming a comic blogging couple begins. We've faced a lot of ups and downs and there were even times where we felt so bad that we wanted to close down the blog. Because of the passion, we tried our best to persevere and continue drawing and writing up until now.

Remember the first version of Egg and I?? Image from 17th Dec 2008 (second day search)

We then tried to improve the version into something which more like us! Well, it still looks kind of cacat with super big heads XD Image from best wishes 2009

Time passes really fast and we had our 1st anniversary in 2009!

Then the 2nd in 2010!

And the 3rd in 2011

Years after years of drawing, our blog has finally come to the 4th year!

Now that our anniversary is just around the corner (13th December), here's our little birthday wish..

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Thank you for reading this! I'm not sure how many of you will visit our blog or like our page, but we'll continue to draw no matter what :D

*We'll have a special anniversary edition during 13th Dec 2012, do stay tuned :D