Friday, March 15, 2013

Nuffnang's Youth Credit Card

Well, credit cards nowadays are seen almost everywhere. Sometime, even if you didn't apply for one, your bank might just issue one for you for free! Well, that's how I got mine in the first place (got my credit card after I applied for a housing loan).

Since every working adults had their own credit card, now banks had to turn their target to the younger generations, the youths! Well, you might say that they are not financially stable yet to own a credit card, but with proper guidance and financial plannings, owning a credit card is not such a bad thing. 

Not only that you doesn't have to bring so much cash in your wallet, you can actually save up a portion of money through the credit card's "money back" system (a certain % of money spent on the credit card is credited back to the account).

Further more, the crime rate in Malaysia is raising to an alarming stage. Thus, bringing cash around doesn't sound to be a good idea. 

Since banks are aiming towards the youths, the design of the credit cards should also match the personalities of our youths today. So here's my design of the Youths version of credit card.


With proper financial management, every youths should own a credit card! But what  if they can't pay their credit card's bill....... 

Hopefully this doesn't happen to all parents!

#this post is written for the purpose of joining Nuffnang's Youth Credit Card design contest.