Thursday, June 13, 2013

The prediction CAME TRUE!!

Remember what I posted last year weeks before the so called "the end of the world"? 

Well, it actually came true!! We're going to have our first little "yolkie" in a few months time ^^. 

As we're preparing for the new kid in the house, we've been in a shopping spree these few months mainly buying his stuff and Egg's, or I should say "PregEgg". 

We've even prepared for postnatal!! @_@

Now that we've bought so many things, we're almost broke. I mean seriously, the sum of all these items cost us almost our whole month's salary!

After going through our checklist, we have yet to buy a stroller and it's not cheap to buy a stroller nowadays. Just a simple one might cost around RM 1K!! However, we've just found out that there's a photo contest organized by PetPet Malaysia  where they are giving away stoller for the top 6 photos (70% votes and 30% Judge)

We here by pleaded to all our readers, please help us to win a stroller!! Puh-Lezzzzzz

Here's how you can help us! :D

Like the page as shown below --> PetPet Malaysia

Then go Gallery and look for Egg's photo under the name "Tan Chia Chiun", then click the little "love" at the corner.

Our fate is in your hand!!! XD