Monday, January 6, 2014

Thank you Egg!

"I don't usually feels grateful to someone, but when I do, she must have done something that no one else in the world would do for me."

Since I said that person is a she, I bet you should have guess who is her right? My mom? Nope! My sister? Nope! My grandma? Not even close. In fact, I have never seen my grandparents as they had passed away even before I was born.

The person that I'm most grateful in life will be none other than Egg, not the ordinary Egg, but my lovely wife.

*I'm not saying that I'm not grateful to my parents but for the past 10 years, Egg played the most important role in my life

 Here's a list of things that she had done for me over the past 10 years. 

 I don't think there will be another person like egg who treated me this well in this world.

Dear egg,

I admit that I'm not a perfect husband and there are a lot in me that I need to improve. I promise I'll work hard so that I'll earn enough money and time to spend with you and our baby yolkie. I've noticed that your mobile phone had been faulty for quite some time. Now that DIGI is having this year end sales, I'll get you a new smart phone or a tablet perhaps, as a token of appreciation for all the good things you brought to me. I know this is never in par with what you have done but this is the least I can do for you at the moment. 

Now that DIGI is offering free smart phones, anyone can get their free smart phones, free tablets or even free modem/mifi during this sale! All you need to do is just subscribe to Digi's SmartPlan and there you go!

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*This blog post is written for the DiGizens Thank You Sale blogging competition.