Monday, July 11, 2016

5 Things I can do with Microsoft Wise Pad W7

Ever since the evolution of mobile phones, consumer like us had been demanding for bigger phones. However, the bigger it gets, the harder it is for us to bring it around.

Thus, to bring balance to the size of a phone and yet retain its mobility, Phablets are created. It's a device that works like both a phone and a tab. Not only you can make phone calls like normal phones, you'll be able to work on it like your tablets! 

There are many phablets available in the market but Microsoft Wise Pad W7 is the latest phablet in town which comes with the following,

It is also the first Phablet to run on Windows Mobile 10 platform!

So, here's the BIG question.What can I do with Microsoft Wise Pad W7?

1st - Multitask

As a typical white-collar, i had a lot of reports to do in the office, and very often, I have to bring home those work due to insufficient time in the office. By bringing the Microsoft Wise Pad W7 around, I can work on my report wherever I am. I can also switch between spreadsheet and documents with just the touch of my hand.

2nd - Wireless presentation

Like I said, I'm a regular white-collar. Doing presentations are my daily tasks. With the wireless display function of Microsoft Wise Pad W7, I can manage the whole session of presentation without the help of my colleague to actually sits in front of my computer and clicking on the next button when I'm presenting. Not only it'll boost my confidence while doing presentation, it actually helps me in time management while impressing my clients!

3rd - My virtual map

Egg and I are frequent traveler both locally and internationally. Most of the time, we traveled without local tour guide and we have to manage our own trip. With the help of Microsoft Wise Pad W7's huge display and GPS, it works like a digital tour guide bringing us around town. Not forgetting 4G LTE speed, I can translate what ever I want to say to the locals by using Microsoft Translator app.

4th - File sharing

With the special feature of USB (on the go) support, I will never have to worry about having too little space in my phone. I can transfer my important files via USB drives to my computer without worrying about network connections or long cables.

5th - Gaming with my son

Enjoying bonding with my son is the most important thing during this period of parenthood. With the huge 7" screen, we can enjoy simple gaming with little yolkie when the weather stops us from playing outdoor. Microsoft Wise Pad W7 comes with a decent quad-core processor, intergrated Adreno GPU and a 2GB RAM. It ensures minimum lags during gaming. What is more satisfying than spending time with your little ones while cuddling up all together?

That's basically what we can do with Microsoft Wise Pad W7 and I believe you can do even more with this piece of gem!

Microsoft Wise Pad W7 is now sold exclusively in Lazada at an introductory price of RM599 ( RM999 original price ) and you will also get a screen protector and premium case totally FREE for the first 1000 bookings .

For further information, please click the photo below.

This post is an entry for the InvolveAsia x Lazada MY blogger contest. Microsoft Wise Pad W7 sponsored by Lazada Malaysia and shopcoupons.


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