Sunday, February 9, 2020

Discovering Wonders of Fernleaf Milk with theeggyolks

As little yolkie is in a growing age, he always wanted to grow big and tall, at least taller than the girls in his class. So we told him, the only way to do that is to drink a lot of MILK! 

However, ever since milk were commercialised, a lot of colouring, sweetener and other additives were added to make it taste good so that kids love them. That eventually became a concern of parents like us. Too much sugar in a child's diet is never a good thing. 
With that said, we need to survey the content of all the milk products being sold in the market and it’s easier said than done. Well, the good news is, the Health Ministry came up with a brilliant idea! The ministry helps to identify the healthier products on the shelf and gave it s HCL stamp! (well, literally…)

HCL actually stands for “Healthier Choice” Logo endorsed by the Ministry of Health. Government introduced “Healthier Choice” logo to help consumers to make healthier purchases on the food and beverages that they purchase in ensuring it meets certain level of nutrients criteria especially in terms of sugar intake/level. 

Statistically, Malaysian has one of the highest rates of diabetes among our neighbouring countries. There are about 2.5 million adults with diabetes in Malaysia, those aged 18 and above, which means, 1 out of 6 young adults had diabetes!!!

So when we ought to be extra careful when choosing products from the shelves. Always look for products with HCL logo and read the nutritional table before making the final decision.  
Stay healthy and stay active with Fernleaf UHT milk!