Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Egg Yolks goes SurfLoft

Here comes another contest for both surfers and bloggers out there!! As you can see in the title, The SurfLoft Contest!!

Egg came across this contest and she was so much attracted with the prizes they are giving away!! Guess what?? They are giving away hard solid CASH every week!! How can we miss out such great chance of getting $$ for free!? So we decide to join this contest and see if we’re worthy to win the prizes!! Obviously we're joining the "best blog contest". I'll be promoting it in nuffnang's Innits too! Hopefully we can win!!(cross finger :P)Basically, there’s two types of contest here. ”The Best Surfie of the Week” and “Best blog Contest”
click (up) for more details!!

So here are the details!

For Surfies
“The Best Surfie of the Week” contest! All you have to do is to start a thread at “Discussion” or the “SOS” section OR post a reply thread at “Discussion” or the”SOS” section. Isn’t that EASY??!! But do make sure that you post something interesting or eye catching rather than just spamming around.

*S.O.S=Save Our Souls. This is a section where surfies seek help for computer related problems they faced. A tip from a mathematics teacher (Yolk), a higher frequency improves the chance of winning!! (The theory of probability), which simply means the more you post, the more you are likely to be chosen!!

Every week one surfie will be selected as “Best Surfie of The Week” and he/she will be rewarded with RM100!

For Bloggers
"Best Blog Contest"!! All you (blogger) have to do is just to blog about this contest! 3 Bloggers will be chosen and win RM150 each at the end of the contest!! You can submit your blog address at

Contest starts from 20th April 2009 until 17th May 2009!

The Best Surfie of The Week of the period:
20th - 26th April 2009 will be announced on 29th April 2009,
27th - 3rd May 2009 will be announced on 6th April 2009,
4th - 10th May 2009 will be announced on 13th May 2009,
11th - 17th May 2009 will be announced on 20th May 2009

The winners of Top Blog will be announced on the 20th May 2009.

Story Boarding: Yolk and Egg
Comic Artist: Yolk