Monday, May 4, 2009

Help!!! Halls Awakelution!!

Guys!! I need your help!! SERIOUSLY!! Last Thursday i received a call from "Halls" (the minty sweets :P ). They said I've been shortlisted for the "halls awakelution contest". So now i need votes from all my dearest READERS out there :wink: ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS

3.CLICK YES FOR THE QUESTION "Does Halls carry the flavours Extra Strong, Mentholyptus and HoneY Lemon ?"

Actually Egg tried in the contest too but she's not shortlisted...:(

But i think it's very nice too. So I'm showing the entry here also la ^^

By: Egg&Yolk

*Special Update!!

guys!! for those who cant get to vote, there's a method here. Got people already vote until 180!!!!
here's the steps
1. Click below
2. Key in your name, IC, email, click yes and vote.

3. After a message saying that an email had been sent to your emai, repeat step 1. and 2.

4. You'll then get 2 same email from halls, you click both the links and one of it will vote me successfully!!
Here's the deal, the same email can vote me once everyday. The person who vote the most will have the chance to get RM50.00 CASH!!
During the voting period, every 200th vote (example, 200th, 400th, 600th, 800th and etc) with a correct answer to the question will win RM50 (limited to the first 8,000 votes only). You can win cash up to RM2000.00!!
I know there's no reason for you guys to vote me that much. I know you're not motivated How about this, the person who voted me the most will get a FREE caricature from me!! DEAL OR NO DEAL?
Just drop me an email every time you voted me.
I hope I can win a free vacation with Egg ^^