Monday, February 15, 2010

Chinese New Year's Events

It has been an eventful Chinese New Year for both of us! A lot of events and things happened around us that we don’t have much time to update this blog. Here’s an update of all the events and happenings around us.

The tiger run!

We wrote a blog post on our dream of the year of Tiger few weeks ago and we got invited to the event held in Jaya One. A lot of blogger came to join this event for the purpose of winning the RM8,888 (worth of dream) + RM1,888.

We meet a lot of nuffnangers and get to know some new friends. Here's one of them who even offered to fetch us back after the event!

nuffnangers (ah fatt)

We even notice a few "eye catching"nuffnangers such as this one XD
Alice in the wonder land?

She even changed her shoes to get ready for the run!
(refer the previous pic if you missed out her shoes)

after some announcements, the run began.

egg: Eh! Why are you walking??!!
yolk: I'm almost breathless liao..can't run anymore -_-"

Well, Yolk somehow managed to finish the whole run and not being the LAST! -_- We had some refreshments before dinner was served. There was even "tiger show" (not Thai Girl Show). It's the first time we saw it after seeing them in the movie "WooHoo Tiger".

Their moves were similar to the normal lion dance, only that they were using the tiger head instead.

After the dinner, here come the most anticipated moment, the prize giving ceremony. Yolk won the "most creative blog post" and brought back an Ang Pao of RM88 and 6 packs of Tiger beers. How we wished that there's two more "8" digit for the ang pao..sigh~ Anyway, as the saying goes, "No fish, Prawn also not bad" lor >.<

All winners

goodie bag

Chinese New Year Decorations in Kuching!

We went around Kuching during the eve of Chinese New Year just to see if there's any special events going on.

Lanterns and Performance (LP?) @ the Spring

more lanterns

Well, Kuching was still very crowded at that moment, maybe most of the Kuchingites went out for a walk after the reunion dinner and waited for WARS at 12.00 am.

I believe all who celebrated CNY (Chinese New Year) will join the WARS, competing with one another, usually among the neighbours -_-" Since it's an annual war, how can we miss out?

the 1,000 heads "machine gun"

pang! pang! pang!

the aftermath!


1st Day of CNY

It's just another usual 1st Day where we went to our close relative's house for visiting and all those "3rd aunty 6th nanny" coming over and asked "when are you getting married?" If we're married then they'll ask "When are you going you have babies?" If we already have a child, then they'll ask "wheare you going to have the 2nd one?" I wonder why thy never get bored asking all these -_-"

After a long day, we ended up having dinner @ Hartz again. I guess that's our best moment of the day! We just couldn't resist the Spicy Wings! Nyum Nyum!!

That's all for this CNY! Will update more contest post NEXT :D

By: Egg & Yolk