Saturday, February 27, 2010


Have you ever thought of the threats we are facing when we use the internet? Here's a chance to tell the world what you think and win some great prizes! Click Cybersafe for more information

Basically there's two category in this contest, the video category and the poster category. Rally your friends to vote for you and you might just walk home with a HP mini or a camcorder!

Here's our entry which is about the internet fraud.

There's some problem with our entry in facebook so we have to re-upload the whole movie in our blog. Anyway, enjoy! erm...if by any chance you're logged in your facebook, why not come and "like" our entry >.< (*paiseh)

by: Egg & Yolk


  1. haha.. nice.. very good clip.. all the best! =)

  2. Harlo to improve the video. Try move the mouse button faster as it kinda draggy for me =)

    Btw, voted for you~!

  3. kenwooi ~ hope you "like" it XD

    jam ~ thanks!

    Tian Chad ~ We did move the cursor faster when we were doing the animation but we decided to let it move slowly so that the details in the "email" scene can be seen more thoroughly. Anyway, thanks for the comment, we'll see what we can do to move the cursor faster and in the same time let the viewer to have more time to see the details in the "email" scene

  4. love it! good msg! well done! wish i could do that! cheers friend!


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