Saturday, December 10, 2011

FABULA Bio Fiber Nano-cellulose Mask

While everyone are flooding into the local beauty saloon and spending their husband's money to make themselves look young and beautiful, Egg and I are doing our own facial treatment at home!

Now that we're talking about facial treatment, we're talking about the Mask! I mean the Facial Mask.

Facial mask had been existed ever since the ancient Egypt 5000 years ago and guess what they use to make the facial mask? Egg Yolk!! *scream!!
Anyway, facial masked had evolved from time to time due to our ever-improving technology and also the demands of the ladies (some men too!)

The first generation facial mask was our typical "rinse off" mask where you spread a thick cream/clay onto your face and rinse it off after a period of time.
Due to the stickiness, the non woven mask was then invented. It solved the stickiness issue but it doesn't cover the face completely and it doesn't stick properly to the face. Therefore, those who uses the non woven mask will have to avoid moving around while applying the mask.

Then come the next generation of  mask, the gel facial mask. Not only that it can moisturize the facial skins, it also remove dead cells on the skins. However, gel facial mask doesn't absorb the body oily on the skin.

After all the issues risen by consumers, we now have the latest facial mask - the Bio Fiber Nano-cellulose Mask! The Bio Fiber Nano-cellulose Mask is composed of nano-fibers formed by fermented microbes which contains various face essence with the function to bleach, tranquilize the skin and eliminate wrinkles.

Now that we have so many brands of bio fiber nano cellulose mask in the market, why do I recommend Fabula's?
Simple because it is made from Organic cellulose material+ Highly effective essence formula which regulates skin condition instantly, undoes signs of aging and it gives you translucent fair skin in just 20 minutes!

This mask not only insulates bacteria, it is also breathable which provides the best protection to injured skin.
It's diameter = 20nm, at least a hundred times smaller than the fiber of nonwoven fabric. These tiny and soft fiber can deeply penetrate to skin’s pore, grasp every inches skin, moisture and not drop off when using it. It fits perfectly on your face as if it's part of your skin.
You can even jog when you apply the mask!
Because of it's nano size fiber, it can infuse 50% more nutrition essence more than traditional non woven fabrics.It has extra tiny aperture, breathe freely and moisture holding, essence will evaporate slowly. It's 3D tidy structure can evenly penetrate deeply to skin’s pore.
Fabula Cellulose mask also retain 200 times more moisture than typical non woven mask.
The Fabula Cellulose mask does perform Occlusive Dressing Treatment (ODT) which will raise skin surface's temperature, thus leading to skin-pore opening and finally making liquid formula penetrate into skin easily.
In recent clinical tests, Fabulla Cellulose Mask manage to remove 49% of sebum (skin's natural oil) after applying the mask for 20 minutes.
With all the natural ingredients without additives, fragrance and colouring, Fabulla Cellulose Mask does no harm human body and it is suitable for sensitive skin.

Basically, Fabulla offered 3 types of Cellulose Mask,

Unlike any other facial mask, you only need to use Fabulla Cellulose Mask once to twice a week anytime after cleansing. Here's the directions for using the mask

Each mask is composed of three layers of which the middle layer is the Bio-Cellulose Mask.
  1. Remove the (white) outer layer
  2. Place the essence-layer (semi-transparent part) on to your face
  3. Remove the (blue) netted layer and leave only the essence-layer on your face for 20-30 minutes. No need to rinse off after peeling off the mask.
Before and after using FABULA Bio Fiber Nano-cellulose Facial Mask - Egg
Before and after using FABULA Bio Fiber Nano-cellulose Eye Mask - Yolk
Isn't it easy? Go to your local pharmacy and start papering you skin with FABULA Bio Fiber Nano-cellulose Mask!

Ah..I almost forgot, all FABULA Cellulose Mask series products are covered by Allianz Product Liability Insurance worth MYR 500,000!!