Monday, December 26, 2011

Katakan Tak Nak!

There were times during your teenage life when peers tends to pressure you to be become one of them by forcing you to smoke. Somehow, when you started to take one, you will start to smoke the second one and the number will continue to rise without your realization.

After years of smoking, your health starts to deteriorate. You will feel as if you can't live without cigarettes. You can't concentrate in your work without smoking, you don't have appetite without smoking and you can't sleep without smoking. Before you knew it, all parts of your body stopped working as perfectly as it should.

You are not just ruining your own body but you are also putting the health of those around you into risk even though you know smoking kills.

Why regret only when you or you loves one are lying in the hospital? Learn to say "#taknak" and you might just change the destiny of you and everyone around you.

The distance for a second hand smoker's lung to turn into a smoker's lung is just inches away
Do help to share the "Tak Nak" message around by joining the "Katakan Tak Nak" photo contest organized by Nuffnang and the Ministry of  Health. Not only that you can share the awareness around, you might just walk away with an awesome sum of duit free.

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