Sunday, March 11, 2012

AFK - Away From Keyboard

I have been sick for the whole week. Everything starts from the rain during last Saturday and I began to feel the fever coming on Sunday. After the visit of "Fever", it brought all its good friend to me too! *cough! cough!* Thus, I've been on-ing my facebook and blogger for less than 15 minutes a day since last Sunday -_-" *cough!*

Wonder when will these few "friends" (fever, headache, soar throat, flu) leaves me -_-" *cough!*

P/S: I'm seriously coughing when I'm typing this post...


  1. get well soon and congratz for being blog of the month..:)

  2. It normally starts with being caught in the rain, doesn't it? Hope you are feeling a lot better.

    1. yalor...everything always starts from the rain -_-". Now that I'm getting better, Egg starts to feel sick...aduh!


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