Sunday, March 4, 2012

Endurance, wise?

This is what we usually see in school these days..

With the advancement of technologies, people are getting smarter and that includes kids these days. Even a small bruise that you've done to them, they'll just call their parents. With the backup of their parents, teachers will end up apologizing to the kids so that they will not be filed a law suit (which the accuse definitively going to loose)  

The medias might even add oil and salts to the issue which causes both teachers and the school will end up being "gang shoot" by all forms of party, especially the political parties.

Thus, with the type mind set of  our society nowadays, violence will never get you anywhere. 

Johor 3rd March, a police officer were accused to kicked the motorcycle ridden by a underage boy who were not wearing helmet. The boy had his head and other parts of his body badly injured due to the fall however the boy was reported to regain his consciousness today but still in weak condition. 

Since violence were not allowed in our society, what should we do to control our temper? One word,

Wise? I wonder.... *sigh*