Sunday, April 22, 2012

The born of Avangers - puppies version

Avengers' fever were all around the town and even my newly born puppies were so into it!

Our little Lala gave birth to three cute little puppies last Monday night! She showed her sign of delivery during the evening when she only took a few bites of her dinner the locked herself up in her plastic cube.

Everything started when Lala started to feel the pain and start having clear fluid flowing out.

Just by looking at her face, you could feel the pain...

The following contains images that some viewers may find disturbing. Viewer discretion advised. >_<"
This was the first thing that came out. FYI, it's a dog's placenta
Lala was actually having trouble delivering the first puppy because it was in a feet-first position. i had no choice but to help her to pull the puppy (very gently) while cold-sweating like hell. I was so afraid that I might just pull off the legs >_<" luckily it came out fine! 
The Big bro! white/brown puppy that looks exactly like Kiki!

After 2 hours of rest, Lala started to deliver her second baby! (almost 2 o'clock in the morning) Thank goodness that it came out without much helps from us!
After the stressful delivery, Lala took a short nap and so do us! Usually the mother dogs will deliver each baby in a 2 hours interval. Thus the next baby was out around 4 am in the morning!!!!!!
The third puppy have a darker fur compare to the first two.

Here's a combo photos of the 3 of them!
They have not open their eyes yet since they were only almost a week old. Hopefully they'll have the eyes open by next week! Will post more photos next week! 

To end this post, here's the family photo of the mother and children! 
(Please ignore the curry-coloured thingy -_-")