Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our Little Lala is no longer little

Remember the first day when we brought Kiki & Lala home June last year, they were only 3 months old (born in 28th March 2011). Just by looking at their size, they were almost as big as my shoe and their baby fur still grows all over them.

Now that time had passed, they've grown big and more importantly, they are as healthy as ever. Running up and down as if our house was their play ground. Well, i do let them to run freely in our back yard sometime but due to the fact that they will get ticks easily, I had to wash them every time they've done running in the grasses and mud.

Few months ago (before CNY), we noticed Kiki had been harrasing Lala all day long. We suspected that Lala was on heat so we separated them in different cages. However, Kiki was restless trying to "attack" Lala from the "back"..Without much choices, we had to bring Kiki to my in-law's place (papa egg and mama egg).

We do sometime bring Lala over to visit Kiki, after all, they were separated by force and indeed, they missed each other madly. They'll start running around the car porch and hide under the cars. I guess that's when the trouble starts.

2 weeks ago, we noticed Lala had a swollen stomach but the strange thing is, she had been behaving normally and eating as much as usual. Something smells fishy (we do sometime give her fish oil -_-").

We brought her to the vets and it was confirmed that she's pregnant! We even get her an Ultrasonic Scan just to make sure that everything was alright. The vet counted and estimated that there'll be at least 5 puppies!!

Now that the rice had turned into porridge, we'll just have to make sure that Lala will be able to deliver all the pups and may all of them survive!

So...who's the culprit?

Anyone with experiences here? Do share with us some tips on pregnant dogs :D

Anyway, guess which carpet did I use to wipe my feet? >_<