Sunday, November 14, 2010

Get Cheesy Crazy with Extreme Cheesey 6 Pizza

How crazy are you with cheese?

Well, that’s how crazy we’re with cheese! Egg even scoop her cream cheese and eating like there’s no tomorrow!
We just can’t get enough of cheese! When Pizza hut introduced their latest Extreme cheesy 6 pizza on the 14th October, we rushed all the way to the nearest Pizza hut and get the 1st bite of it. You can read it here.

Not feeling satisfy with just one extreme cheesy 6 pizza, we returned for MORE!

There’s only one reason that drive us crazy about the Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza , the cheesylicious PREMIUM CHEESES!!

Instead of showing you the “internet captured” picture of these cheeses, here’s the REAL CHEESES behind the scene!

Yesterday, we went to another branch of Pizza Hut in Kuching for another session of Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza feast. When we reached Pizza Hut, we were greeted by this Cheese Rangers and a big banner ads! How could Egg miss the opportunity to camwhore? haha!

Along the staircase to the restaurant, there's another ads on the wall and Egg almost bite off the ads -_-" (due to "extreme cheese hunger syndrome")

Finally, we get to sit down and order our pizza! >_<

While waiting for our pizza to be served, Egg can't hold herself and start cutting the pizza in the pizza hut's brochure! Another symptom of "extreme cheese hunger syndrome".

Ki Siao liao! -_-"

as usual, the garlic bread and mushroom soups

Finally, our pizza was served!! by a big piece of cheese? SWT friendly waitress.

Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza with Pepperoni toppings

*caution! Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza must be eaten when it's hot and stringy!
look at the cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!

With the mixture of all these cheeses, you’ll get the stringiness and the creaminess with a tinge of sharp nutty taste!
Egg got a little carried away and start practicing her Cheesy 6 Yoga! -_-"

However, there's consequences for eating too much Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza! You'll get yourself turning into a big piece of cheese!!!!

I think the waitress surely had "curi makan" a lot of Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza -_-"

Are you crazy about cheese now?

Even our table is 6 -_-"

Here's our little short ads for Pizza hut's Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza! Enjoy!

I’m crazy about cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!

*This blog post was written for the purpose of joining Pizza hut & Nuffnang's Why You Love Pizza Hut’s 6 Cheese Extreme Pizza blogging contest

By: Egg & Yolk


  1. can submit 2 posts? I thought u guys have submitted one earlier on? Im confuse with the rules and regulations now.

  2. Anonymous ~ haha! don't be confused. The 1st (16th October) post was not meant for the contest since we post it even before Nuffnang announce the blogging contest. Therefore, we went to pizza hut for the 2nd time and wrote another new blog post purposely for the contest.

    We had only submitted 1 entry for the contest, which is this one >_<

    hope this will clear your confused mind

    EeSoon~woohoo~ thanks! :D

  3. Very interesting post, haha. U guys really love cheese

  4. wow! really so crazy on cheese & that pizza... Good luck~

  5. mindy ~ haha! we love cheese so much. In fact, we tried all the pizzas of pizza hut >_<

    Eevee ~ thanks! i bet there's alot out there is also as crazy as we are!

    John ~ wow? wow! XD

  6. Gosh... this is so really good!!! ^u^
    I'm still very new thou, thanks for leaving comment!! Thankqiu!! Haha.. XD

    goodluck too!! =]

  7. Shouldn't have read this post. There goes my diet plan.

  8. hehehehe....seem like both of you sooo moelt with cheesy world.....=)

  9. omg i love this post!it's so cute and creative.
    all the best!=)

  10. Nice pic~ creative and very interesting(^o^)
    Wishing u~ winner!

  11. JMR ~ thank you!

    Bendan ~ welcome to the blogging world :D

    kelvin ~ i don't think you need a diet plan lor.. XD

    noktahhitam ~ thank you!

    carmen ~ haha! gld you like it XD

    WK ~ thanks!

    lizzy ~ thank you ;)

  12. haha..i think i know this place! it looks like the pizza hut near the sarawak plaza area! :P

  13. the last poster is indeed crazy.wahaha..after seeing your post, i went for that pizza with bunch of friends. Quite nice. By the way, good luck in your contest. :)

  14. :D Ahh! What an awesome post...AGAIN! :D Good luck yoz!

    Jinwei's Blog|Artwork

  15. You're so creative! Really nice post! :D


  17. Gosh... if i not mistaken u already win the PIZZA HUT contest right ? i saw u ur pichas in pizza hut FACEBOOK....

  18. randomapple ~ haha! it was the one at 3rd mile >_<

    adam ~ the pizza nice ler~ haha! thanks anyway :D

    jinwei ~ thanks yoz~

    yi han ~ glad you enjoyed it ;D

    calvinn ~ haha! you're flatering me >_<

    hazman ~ yup! Egg won the weekly prizes in pizza hut facebook contest :D

    baby ~ haha!

  19. haha figured you were going to come in for the comp!

    excellent post! all the best!

  20. Thanks for posting on our blog. we love you cartoons. we enjoy and adore it! And we adore cheese.......

  21. Hi there.... Congratsss u now 2K richer... ;-p

  22. Singgah untuk tgk pemenang pizza tahniah waaaaaaaa..

  23. Good luck. hope you will win! We so love your graphics. Happy new year!

    Pizza is the best top with cheese!! hahaha

    we made a post on astrology for the next yr. hope you'll visit it.

    Good luck again!

    -Swito twins.


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