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Murano Glass

Murano Glass and Murano Glass Jewelry are known and revered around the world for their elegance of design and superb craftsmanship.

The finest raw materials and craftsmanship result in glass of unequaled purity – a trademark of the highly sought after Murano Glass pieces and Murano Glass Jewelry. These beautiful pieces are still made today on a small island just north of Venice using the same methods that has been the Murano Glass trademark for centuries.

A Brief History:
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Venetian Glass making originated in Venice in the ninth century. The Venetian Republic, fearing fire, ordered the glassblowers to a small island. 
By the fourteenth century the 3000 inhabitants of the island became some of the most respected and revered citizens in all of Venice, granted special privileges and favors by the Republic.

Many glassmaking technologies and techniques were originated on Murano and are still in use today. The making of Murano Glass is a complicated and sophisticated process, as each piece is actually an original hand-made work of art.

Some pieces are functional and some are decorative – all are exquisite. Murano Glass pieces are considered the height of elegance, refinement and good taste, making them a true pleasure to own and to give (and receive!) as gifts.

These hand-made work of art varies from Murano animal figures to Murano glass jewelery 

Murano Elephant Aqua/Blue

Carina Long Necklace

San Marco Amber

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