Friday, November 5, 2010

Sudah Potong? I mean Potong Queue

I think the picture above is clear enough to know what we are doing this weekend right? haha! It's the 1st ever MOVIE MARATHON in KUCHING! Proudly brought to you by DiGi and MBO :D

There's no registration fees, meaning to say "WE'LL BE WATCHING MOVIES FOR FREEEEEEEEEEE!" The winner of this marathon also get to win RM2,500 cash!! *Big Eyes & Wide mouth

How can we miss this!!?? We never join such event before and we're definitely gonna try it this time even if we're turning into pandas

Watching movies or dramas continuously at home is not a big deal for us as we were trained for that when we were in University. (Torrent downloads were so popular at that time). This will be a good chance for us to see the fruit of our  trainings @_@

As for this marathon, participants will have to watch movies from 1pm on the 6th Nov to 1pm on the 7th Nov which is precisely 24 HOURS! It's open only for DiGi users too! Good thing i switched to DiGi early this year >_<

Yesterday was the 1st day of registration but when we reached, the crowd were too big and didn't manage to register. Today was the last day of registration and only 100 participants will be registered base on who cut queue who in 1st come 1st serve basis. In order to get registered, we started queuing up around 4pm even though the registration is only open at 6pm

When we were there, we saw few people sitting on the floor as if they were queuing so we decided to stand behind them. Once we started to queue, others followed and queued behind us. We were the 6th and the 7th from the 1st person sitting in front.

Sorry for blur picture as it was taken using my phone -_-"

After a while, people start cutting queue and stand in front of us. They even have such THICK FACE to queue there while talking loudly without caring those standing behind them in the original queue. We felt even angrier when they got more and more friends of them coming in and cut the queue. 

It's really not fair to those who came in late but went all the way back and followed the queue. We went over to complain to the person in charged but it was in vain as we do not have supportive photos. 

"Queue Cutter" taking their sweet time chatting and eating on the floor like beggars 

We ended up being in the 13th and 14th place. This was ok for us since we get to register after all, but for those who were supposedly the 94th to 100th person, sorry la, it's just not your day -_-"   


The "Satu Kampung" people should admit they were cutting queue but they insisted that they came earlier and went for lunch, went to toilet, went here, went there and they never appear at the counter until the registration almost started. 

There's even a lady saying that "itu anak saya, tadi pergi toilet!",  I don't even see those faces since 4pm to 5:45pm. If they really went to toilet for that long, they sure have lots of SH*T and PEEs! 

Then another one said "That's my brother, we came with the same car!" So what? If you're not in the queue when people started to queue up, it means you're OUT OF THE QUEUE! 

*This "Thick Face ah moi" even took our pictures because we complained and she cant get few of her friends to cut queue with her. Alah~take all you want lar! like i care -_-"

Anyway, i'm dozing off and gonna be well REST for tomorrow's Marathon. Anyway, if you guys have any tips to "stay awake for 24 hours", do let us know!! :D

p/s: this is the longest written post we did. Didn't have much time to draw artwork for this post, sorry guys -_-"

By: Egg & Yolk