Monday, November 8, 2010

Movie Marathon! Did we win?

6th November 2010, the moment of truth! We went to MBO as early as 11am and you can actually see a long queue of participants waiting to be registered. Well, let the pictures tell you the story >_<

The Registration Counter where they check our IC and phone numbers
We were then given a wrist band and seat number during the registration
The whole MBO's lobby was filled with participants (200 of them including us)
Everyone was getting ready to enter to the hall

Goodies Bags worth RM250.00!! (all mine!!)
Since the movie marathon had started, I stop taking pictures as we were actually forbid to take pictures in the hall -_-"

Wonder what we watched? 

1st  : The time traveler's wife (ratings 4/5)
2nd : The legend is born, Ip Man (ratings 2/5, the ending s*cks)
3rd : Pandorum (ratings, 3/5, too predictable)

We had our 20 minutes dinner break after the 3rd movie.

Everyone went tapao and eat outside the hall to avoid getting disqualified due to late entry
He even tapao chicken rice -_-"
The marathon continues with more movies as follows

4th : 枪王之王 (forgot the English name.. ratings 5/5, best movie so far!)
5th : Love happens (ratings, 4/5, movie by Jennifer Aniston is always good >_<)
6th : 岁月神偷 (a very long English name which I don't remember, 4/5, a very heart warming movie!)
It was so cold during the night as the wind from the air condition keeps blowing to our head
The 1st elimination round was held after the 6th movie. A short sound clip were played and you have to guess the title of the movie. Guess what, almost half of participants in the hall got it wrong!! (we were two of them T_T) 

So we end up leaving the hall without the RM2500 cheque! sob~sob~ 

Anyway, if DiGi is going to do it again next year, we're sure to participate again!! XD

*this is just a filler, still working on a good post! stay tune! :D

By: Egg & Yolk