Saturday, April 2, 2011

Answer to riddle 1 (divisions of cake)

We're really really sorry for the late post up of the riddle's solution due to our extremely busy schedule! If you have forgotten about the riddle, do read here!

As for the solution, in fact, Kelvin got the correct answer!!  Well Done!  

@Kelvin: Did you read about this riddle before? >_<

Anyway, here's the solution!

1st, get rid of one out of the five people by using one of the knife
2nd, cut the cake into half
3rd, cut the cake into 4 equal slices
Finally, all 4 of them will get an equal slices of cake! =_="

By: Egg & Yolk


  1. Really is like that?!!

    Geez, that my the 1st solution that comes to my head.

    Am i evil?

  2. Kelvin ~ You're not just evil, you're evilly Genius! @_@

    Yuan He ~ LOL! I bet that's his real nature =_="

    araleling ~ XD


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