Sunday, April 17, 2011

You love animals, Animals love you


After a series of cats and dogs abuse case, both of us felt very sorry for these animals. After all, they were abused and killed just for the fun of humans. Some of them even died without knowing what happened.

Thus, we decided to give our loves to all the animals around us! (we have a lots of birds and dogs around our neighborhood)

In return, these birds and dogs paid us back with lots of LOVES too! The birds love us so much that they decided to build their nest on top of our house's main door! As usual, if there are birds, you can never miss their poo! THE WHITE STICKY POO!

Other than that, the dog also LOVED us very much that they brought souvenirs to our house almost every morning! 

The morale of the story: Don't love animals too much as they'll love you back in the WRONG way! lol!

By: Egg & Yolk