Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Final Preparation

After all the preparations for our wedding, this will be the last part of preparation. Anyway, let’s recap what we’ve been preparing all these while. I bet this will be a good guide for those typical Chinese who’re planning for their wedding.

Alright, let’s get started.

1st, Auspicious Date

We went to a local temple asking for an auspicious date. As for kuchingnites, you can get you wedding date calculated by “tua ko” a.k.a “big aunty” from the temple on the hill going to batu lintang.

*tips = make sure you brought the lunar birth date of you, your parent, your partner and also your partner’s parent. This is to make sure that both families will not “chiong” (crashed) during that particular date.

2nd, Restaurant booking
Once you’ve confirmed the date, you need to book your wedding venue. Make sure you go around surveying the prices since the price varies from hotels to restaurants. We booked our wedding venue (Thian’s Court) since December last year.

Bear in mind that the price for a table cost at least RM400++ with shark fin soup. The cheapest will be Restaurant Sing Long Chen offering RM398 per table.
*tips = restaurants usually provide better foods compare to hotels. Hotels do have bigger hall for better atmosphere. A restaurant with hall will be the perfect place.

3rd, Wedding Photos

We took our wedding photos at Wedding Touch Kuching. We were pretty satisfy with the service but not the marketing techniques. The package we took cost us RM2988 which consist of
• 7 sets of wedding costumes + 2 sets of actual day costumes.
• 3 photo albums
• Make-ups (actual day + dinner)
• Wedding car décor
• 2 pictures with frame

*tips = do not ever buy anything from the shop because they’ll charge you 200% - 300% more than usual price. Un Bra(RM80) usual price only RM30, white shirt with unknown China brand (RM120) which doesn’t even worth RM20 =_=”

The worst part is the addition of photo. They took almost 300 photos during the photo session but the package only provides us 30 photos. Meaning to say if I’m going to take all the photos, I have to pay for the other 270 photos which cost RM99 each! (a total of RM 20k) We ended up deleting all 270 photos. 7 wedding costumes is a total wastage because we only choose 30 photos with 4 different costumes. So do not got trick by them when they offer you extra wedding costume or designer’s costume.

By the way, make sure you take your wedding photos at least 3 months before the actual wedding date. It takes lots of time to process.

4th Buying Accessories

For Chinese typical practice, the ladies side will have to buy those basin, towel, scissors, tea pot, etc. To save the troubles, we bought everything in 688 superstore @ 101 Kuching where they have the full list of items needed.

Gold jewelry is a must and here’s a short list of the item needed
• A pair of bangles
• Few necklaces (the more the better)
• A pair of earrings
• Rings

5th, Money!
Chinese wedding normally cost a big fortune. Let me break the spending down for you.

RM6,888.88 for dowry. (Some in-laws might ask for more, while some might be less. Depends on how the groom deals with them. It sure takes communicative skills)

Table’s money (depends how many table was requested by the lady side)

Ang Pao:
• Door opening ang pao,
• Games ang pao
• Sister’s ang pao
• Wedding car driver’s ang pao
• Kids ang pao for tea drinking ceremony

*tips = make sure the groom have around 10k in the savings.

6th, Lunch buffet catering

We had our buffet catering from Country Court (3rd mile Kuching) since they provide Chinese Style Halal food. RM16 per pax. They do provide free transportation (> than 30 pax), tables and chairs, paper plates, plastic spoons and forks

That’s practically the few preparations that we did. I can’t go into the details since it’ll take days to finish typing all the details. Anyway, do feel free to ask us if you have any questions! :D

By: Egg & Yolk